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We are a creative agency specialized in influencer marketing and content creation with clients from wide universes. 

Our projects lead us to have an analytic approach to conceptualized dynamic and innovative campaigns, thus forging us our own identity.





Our strategists and creatives have worked together to build an unique identity that reflects who we are. 

With an entrepreneurial touch and a foot in the influence on social medias, we had all the keys to create and develop a whole new project : Clark Influence.

The agency is driven by one vision: to optimize the reach that social media offer to your brand. 

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We care about : respect, attentiveness, kindness, transparency, optimism, humanity, humility and open-mindedness.


We are modern, innovative and inclusive. We are not afraid to take a stand !


We believe that status quo is more dangerous that change. We want to think outside the box in order to create what really matters. 

We go through things, from the beginning of our ideas to their realization. 

Collaboration is much more grateful and fruitful than hierarchy. We work together. 

the desired outcome: campaigns with impact

Clark Influence was founded in 2016 by Nicolas Bon, while influence marketing was just taking its bearings in brands strategies. 


After graduating from HEC Montréal, Nicolas was considered a real entrepreneur at only 24 years of age! 

A great enthusiast of social networks and himself an influencer in his spare time, Nicolas saw influencers as real opportunities to communicate effectively. 

In addition to innovation, the young entrepreneur combines this vision with the desire to democratize the power of influencers to Canadian companies from a variety of sectors.


After regular transformations to refine its expertise, the agency has finally succeeded in integrating itself into the reality of the market with a single mission in mind: to carry out impact campaigns.

With the will to pay tribute to the street in Montreal where the idea was born and the founders lived, they named their agency Clark Influence.






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At Clark Influence we are always looking for new talents with unique personalities to join our team!

You are creative, worker, funny and you love cooking, it feels like all chances are on your side.

Facebook, Instagram and any social media have no secrets for you, why don't you turn your passion into your profession?

Let's work together!

Send us your resume with cover letter to motivate your demand at info@clarkinfluence.com

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