Arctic Gardens, Quebec's leader in frozen vegetables and ready meals, is launching a new line of One Pot. The concept of the One Pot is to cook all the ingredients at the same time in the same pot. The One Pot Arctic is 1 pouch 1000 possibilities.  


Arctic Gardens


To promote this new line, Arctic Gardens wanted to use the power of influence marketing and test the culinary abilities of Quebec influencers.


18 to 55 years


14 cooking and lifestyle influencers


For this campaign, we selected a variety of Quebec influencers in order to reach all the target profiles of Arctic Gardens products (Moms, Foodies, Lifestyle and Students).
To highlight the One Pot's personalization aspect, we challenged the influencers in the creation of recipes with the One Pot personalization. Thus, the 4 flavors of One Pot have been highlighted through Instagram carousel publications including 3 photos (Ingredients / Cooking / Final dish). In the second part of the campaign, some influencers had the opportunity to enter a contest to win 1 free voucher for One Pot and 1 $25 grocery card at IGA. In total, more than 992 participants tried their luck, which allowed them to gain visibility and get more commitment on publications. The comments on the publications were very positive, the majority mentioned the practical, appetizing side of Arctic Gardens products. Also, many subscribers mentioned that they were going to try the one pot at home in turn.


Maman Caféine @maman_cafeine
Lucie-Rose @lucierosel
Mylène Bourque @mylenebourque
Kim Demers @kim_demers
Joanie Boisvert @jojoboisvert
Gabrielle Pellerin @gabepllrn
Signé Ariane @signe_ariane
Kamélia Gill @kameliagill
Emilie Murmure @emilie_murmure
Karine Pothier @karinepothieryt
Karolane Rondeau @karolanerondeau
Marja @parfaitemamanimparfaite
Caroline Savard @woolooca

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