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Connecting Brands
With Influential Voices


Clark Influence is a creative agency that specializes in influencer marketing. 

The agency connects brands with their audiences by creating innovative content delivered by the digital world's most influential voices.

Clark’s Expertise

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 Strategy, Storytelling & Trends          ----  Talent Sourcing - Concept

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Development, Design, Editorial & Production - Social Media Management

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Influencer & Content Marketing - Experiential & Event Marketing 

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Brand Experiences      Media Amplification - À la Clark Services 

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Sectors of Activity

At Clark, we believe collaboration and communication with our clients allow for the most innovative campaigns. Clark’s formula is built on passion and human relationships designed to meet your every need.

Clark's Formula



Clark is proud to highlight your brands across all platforms



#TEAMCLARK is dynamic, strategic and creative



In Montreal, Toronto, Paris and Rio de
Janeiro ! 👀



Who runs the office ? Ferns 🌿

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Our Clients

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The Talent Factory's leading influencer specialists will identify the talent most suited to support your brand while ensuring their audience meets the highest standards.

This creative laboratory concocts the most engaging content that reflects current digital trends.

Team Clark



Clark is made up of a dynamic team of strategists, project managers, creatives and social media specialists who support you throughout your campaign.

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