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Influencer Marketing In The Charity World

In every non-profit marketing strategy, you want to expand your reach as much as possible. Being able to show off your services through a household name allows more people to donate to your charity. Considering social media works as an advertising channel for charities, an influence partner can be a powerful advocate.

People look to influencers to help them make informed decisions. Having the right influencer can get more eyes on your brand, causes, and even products you use to fund your organization. Here’s how you can take advantage of influencer marketing for your organization.

What Is An Influencer?

An influencer can be anyone out there, but depending on the type of industry and content

you need, they can be anyone with a specific audience. A proper influencer is someone with a large following on social media, loosely used by “Instagrammers” or “YouTube stars.” They sway people through their content, connecting with thousands of people at a time.

For non-profits, an “influential person” could be a celebrity, athlete, or someone with a sizable social media presence. Often, influential people are famous among fans of their genre, so a brand wants to connect with them. If you’re a charity, there are several criteria you want influencers to have.

While anyone can be a spokesperson for your cause, it’s better to find someone who has a large following and shares your brand’s values. An influential person’s followers are more likely to share and comment on your content, amplifying your outreach efforts.

At the same time, you want to have someone that you can trust to represent you properly. Having an engaged audience helps grow your network and increases your likelihood of getting more exposure. This, in turn, can help you get more donors and charity events.

Using Influencer Marketing In Charity

The benefits of using an influential partner for non-profit organizations are clear from the get-go. Your organization gets more attention while increasing your network size, which is essential in giving more donors, volunteers, and contributions.

There are several ways to use an influencer in a non-profit organization. If you can find the right “celebrity ambassador,” you can tap into their audience for promotion and fundraising. You can have them represent you in various events and even strike a deal for an entire campaign.

For example, many celebrities are philanthropic and like to give back to the community. They use their popularity to raise awareness and get funding for a particular campaign. In this case, a famous face can be an “ambassador” for your non-profit organization.

Influencers are not always a single person but rather a different brand. For example, a “product donation” is a campaign done by a well-known brand teaming up with your charity organization. They can donate a percentage of their profits to your cause, which gives them positive PR while you get a quick cash infusion.

Identifying The Right Influencers

While anyone can become an “ambassador” for your nonprofit, it’s important to find someone who fits your objectives. A celebrity or sports figure with a large audience can be a good match for your group, but you need to consider specific things before approaching them.

Of course, you may need to do your own background check. You can look for any negative comments or lawsuits against the influencer, which can help you determine if they fit your marketing campaign well. You want to do your due diligence before hiring them.

It’s also critical that your brand ambassador understands your values and is a good fit with your organizational goals. If you share the same ideologies, it will be easier for both parties to work well together.

But finding the right match is not just about finding a person with social clout. The right “brand fit” also means they are willing to go the extra mile to help your charitable organization.

What Can You Offer To Influencers?

Not every influencer is looking for free publicity. In fact, some would be happy to collaborate in a partnership. Most influencers won’t charge anything from non-profits, but that doesn’t mean everyone will work with charities pro bono. You want to have something to offer back as part of the deal.

When working with an ambassador, you first want to offer something of value to them. This can be anything from “free merchandise” to “a percentage of the profits.” An “incentive” always ensures they get on board with your campaign.

For some, the benefit can be the growth of their brand, especially if you find someone with a vested interest in your success. You might be able to find potential investors for their work, which could help them become an even bigger star.

When considering an incentive, consider how much you can give away. You don’t want to give them an outright payment, but offering something can motivate them. Consider what value an influencer can bring to your marketing efforts, and see if you can develop a win-win partnership.

How To Find The Right Influence Partner

Finding the right influencer for your nonprofit organization starts with research. You’ve got to search for the right person with an appropriate message and a platform that matches your goals. An excellent way to find potential ambassadors is by reaching out to them directly, using your own contacts, or through a social media audit.

First, you can reach out to key individuals and ask them to help you. This is most effective when you already have an existing relationship with that person. If you meet in person, you can ask them if they would be willing to help your foundation and sell them on the charity’s values and mission.

You can also approach them online, especially if the influencer has a large digital presence. You can check out social listening tools, where you can monitor keywords and mentions of certain people. You can also look for a superfan looking to support your organization.

The Bottom Line

If you want your charitable efforts to get more recognition, you can leverage the power of an influencer. Proper influencer marketing not only takes advantage of their reach for your charity. It takes advantage of their advocacy in your mission and shares the same values as you are.

By taking advantage of influencer marketing for your charity, you afford yourself a wider audience. Consider the power of influencers for your organization and see if it’s the right move for you.

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