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Come as you Are

Influencer Marketing & Content Project Manager

Offre d'emploi : Chef de projet marketing d'influence et de contenu


We are Clark Influence, a content and  influencer marketing agency based in Montreal.We’re looking for creative and enthusiastic people to join us on our adventure. For the past three years, we’ve been supporting world-renowned brands in developing their content and influence strategy. Although most of our campaigns have been carried out across North America, our ambition reaches high and pushes us to play out on the international scene. We have already collaborated with more than 1500 influencers and more than 100 brands such as A&W, Bombardier, IGA, Liberté, Montreal Airport, Babybel, Guadeloupe Tourist Office and Air France, to name a few.


We’re looking for an influencer / event marketing project manager to work within the Marketing team and support in the management of influencer marketing campaigns, under the Strategy Director's supervision. 

What you'll do

  • Influencer and content marketing

  • Client's portfolio management

  • Briefing sessions

  • Participate in the ideation and creation of content for influencer and events marketing campaigns

  • Manage influencer marketing campaigns from start to finish, with respect to guidelines and deadlines and acting as main point of contact for all operational needs: development, expertise, budget, timeline, etc.

  • Implement tools to monitor projects accordingly (backplanning, etc.)

  • Deliver high quality projects meeting clients' expectations

  • Liaise and sustain relationships with talents, customers, medias, influencers and other providers

  • Optimize media marketing strategy for advertisers based on an analysis of results

  • Presentation to clients and recommendations



  • Passionate about medias, social networking, events and influencer culture 

  • Organized, autonomous, strategic, proactive, creative and a team player

  • Intellectually curious

  • Strong time management and prioritizing skills



  • Communication or Marketing studies

  • Minimum 1 year experience working in a similar role for an agency

  • Or an advertiser

  • Bilingual (French / English)


Love challenges. We’re not only talking professional ones - whether it be in curling or in leading a project proposal. If you don't think you can do it, then surely you just have do it!


Be proactive, for real!  You love ideas in all shapes and forms. Any initiative will be more than welcome.


Be a digital culture junkie! Surf the web like there’s no tomorrow to feed on everything and anything. Time to switch to Fiber.


Be fluent in social talk. In this social-first era, storytelling and starting discussions around brands are essential skills. Think you can bolster their social content by putting them under a different light? We need you! However, if that just means filling a page with empty words, then nevermind for us.


Foster your network. We recruit masters of professional networking who can always find the little genius with the right answer to the million-bitcoins question. Whether he’s three blocks away or on a shoot in Gaspésie.


Keep an open mind. That’s perhaps the most important one. Clark has no age, gender, or gluten intolerance.

Check these before sending in your appplication

It’s just a nice place full of talented people who want to make digital smarter and fun. Sounds good, right?