• Nicolas Bon

How retail brands can leverage influencer marketing 🛒?

Dernière mise à jour : 23 mars 2021

Wether you are selling shoes in Toronto, electronics in Vancouver, furniture or clothes in Montréal, influencer marketing could result into growing sales for your retail business all over Canada. Canadian influencer marketing agencies have understood that and they know how influencers can help brands to reach their objectives.
Influencers are trusted.
Through their primary and secondary social media, such as blogs, Instagram or YouTube channels, they influence the purchasing decisions of their virtual community members. One reason for this influence is that members of these communities consider digital influencers credible. Influencers have their own personal style, their own tastes and opinions, on which their community can relate to. This means there is great opportunity for retail businesses to market their products when put in the hands of influencers who will promote them on their social media accounts.
An influencer can use his social media for different purposes :

1) How influencers can raise awareness of a new product available in-store ?

You have a new product coming-out that you want to put the focus on ? Influencers can do the job for you. They can introduce the product to their social media community to create awareness. For example, when McDonald's launched their new Bagel, they used influencers like