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Vancouver : 15 foodies profiles that will make your mouth water

Dernière mise à jour : 6 oct. 2020

Today, we’re taking you to Vancouver, where foodies make you want to try all their favorite recipes and restaurants.

Here, the best 15 foodies that will make you want to visit Vancouver :

Foodie Vancouver Influencer

1-Erin Ireland

Erin is a passionate foodie that shares tasty and healthy plant-based recipes and restaurant recommendations. In her feed, we can find a lot of colorful dishes like rainbow cakes, meal-preps ideas and beautiful toasts.

For Erin, cooking isn't just a hobbie but her profession. Indeed, she is the founder of a plant-based bakery named "To Die For Fine Foods" where we can buy vegan cookies and cakes. Erin also expresses her love for nature, planet and their children through her pictures, and that's what makes her so charming.

2- Food Gays

Jeremy and Adrian share their healthy recipes, best discoveries and their lovely family life in their Instagram Account.

Their blog and feed are colorful and warm with some pictures of their cute dog and their travel destinations.

3- Jennifer Pallian

Jennifer shares with her community inspiring comfort-foods and shows them her travel destinations and family stories.

Jennifer isn't only a creative foodie blogger but also a scientific cook with a background in food science and nutrition. Her perspective? Feeding your loved ones with tasty and healthy dishes.

Jennifer Pallian cook blogger influencer foodie nutritionist

4- Bailey Campbell

Bailey shares healthy and delicious recipes in her blog Basics With Bail.

Through her blog, Bailey wants to help her community to get back to the basics by encouraging them to listen to their bodies.

"Nutrition is not low fat. It is not low calorie. It’s not feeling deprived or being hungry all the time. It’s nourishing your body with real, whole foods so that you are consistently satisfied and energized to live your life to the fullest!" she said.

Bailey Campbell Basics with Bail foodie influencer blog

5- Alexandra Inman & Stephanie Dang

Alexandra and Stephanie manage their blog called Vancouver Dietitians where they share advices to help people to reach their health and wellness goal by eating healthy food and working out.

Alexandra is a registered dietitian passionate about plant-based diet, pre/post natal nutrition, sports nutrition and child feeding.

Stephanie is specialized in sports nutrition, eating disorders and plant-based diet. She currently works as a clinical dietitian at BC Children's Hospital and as a Sports Dietitian with high performance athletes.

Stephanie and Alexandra want to help people to find a balance between health and pleasure by giving them tips to cook delicious and nutritious dishes.

Alexandra Inman Stephanie Dang dietitians blogger influencer food marketing

6- Théa VanHerwaarden

Théa had the opportunity to travel all over the world to discover delicious and multicultural dishes. Her passion for cooking and her curiosity have made her one of Master Chef Canada's Top 2. Through her blog and Instagram account, Théa evaluates local and international restaurants by sharing her favorite dishes. She also shares recipes from all over the world and her exciting lifestyle.

Théa VanHerwaarden blog influencer foodie travel cook

7- Shira McDermott

Shira wants to inspire people to cook nutritious, tasty and plant-based dishes.

She also wants to encourage her community to avoid processed food and to eat organic and local veggies, fruits and beans. To have a greater impact on the consumption behaviour of people around her, Shira don't only share photos of inspiring dishes. She has also launched her project, Flourist, to sell Canadian freshly ground flour, local legumes and grains.

influencer foodie marketing Shira McDermott Flourist

8- Gail, Teak & Thyme

From a very young age, Gail was interested in photography and cooking. Her nights of insomnia made her a photoshop pro. Unlike young people of her age, Gail spent her sleepless nights learning how to use this tool. Gail's savings were used to buy her first camera, which allowed her to take pictures of all her recipes and culinary discoveries. Since then, Gail has been sharing her creations on her blog with passion.

foodie photographer Vancouver blogger influencer recipes

9- Josh Boettcher

Josh embodies well his foods pictures. On his account, we can find a lot of addresses for gourmet and colorful meals with a touch of humour and a lot of creativity. We love the authenticity and the simplicity of Josh who takes us to all the best Vancouver's restaurants.

Josh Boettcher foodie influencer Vancouver

10- Emma Choo

If you take a look at Emma Choo's account, you'll immediately want to go out for a heavy meal in Vancouver. Her photos highlight various dishes for all kinds of occasions.

foodie Vancouver Emma Choo

12- Lyndsay, Coco Cake Land

Lyndsay learned to make pastry by herself. On her blog, she shares cake recipes and gives tips on how to obtain sophisticated and colorful pastries. Lyndsay is also a food photographer and has written a book in which she shares her best desserts recipes.

baker blogger cake recipes influencer Coco Cake Land

13- Leila Likes

Above all, Leila is an outstanding artist who knows how to highlight the ingredients and colors of each meal photographed. Restaurants and companies specialized in the food sector all want to collaborate with her.

14- Joann Pai

Joann is a Vancouver native foodie who loves travel and food. On her blog and her Instagram account, we can see that Joann had a crush on French cuisine. The influencer has even created an Instagram account, called Slice Of Paris especially to share her experiences in the beautiful City Of Light. In this Instagram account, we can find the best restaurants, bars and bistros in Paris.

15- Em von Euw

Em shares their vegan recipes on their website and Instagram account by giving to their subscribers tips to nourish their souls and bodies while respecting planet. If we use the pronouns they/their/them to talk about Em, it's because they identify themselves like a gender nonconforming person. "I identify as a queer and gender nonconforming person. My pronouns are they/them/theirs." ,they say.

We appreciate Em's authenticity.

vegan em influencer plant-based

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