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Fast-food and influencer marketing : how food brands collaborate with influencers ?

Fast food restaurants must stand out in an extremely competitive market. They have understood that influencer marketing can be a major asset in achieving different objectives: launching a new burger or sandwich, celebrating an anniversary such as the 50th anniversary of the famous Big Mac, etc.

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Across Canada, food brands use influencer marketing agencies to build strong content strategies that allows them to resonate on social media through the power of recommendation of influencers'. Not all brands can count on Barack Obama (see The Washington Post), who considers Five Guys burgers' "the best in the world", but they can count on other ambassadors with thousands of subscribers on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Here are a few examples.

Celebrations - the 50th anniversary of the legenday Big Mac

McDonald's most iconic sandwich celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018, when the brand created more than 6 million Big Mac coins worldwide, some of which were offered by Canadian influencers, as shown below with Ottawa-based Joey Kidney.

Caritative - How Subway celebrated the World Sandwich Day partnering up with a charity ?

The restaurant chain partnered with Food Banks Canada for World Sandwich Day on November 3, 2018. For the purchase of each meal at Subway, the company donated a meal to Food Banks Canada.

Products launches

The Burger Beyond Meat at A&W

For the launch of the veggie ball at A&W, the hamburger restaurant chain decided to call on different talents from Quebec from different backgrounds (public TV personalities, rapper, YouTubers) who compared the Classic Burger with the Beyond Meat: the result is unquestionable, it tastes just like meat.

The Black Tea Latte at Starbucks Canada

Influencers are invited to share their favorites at Starbucks, especially to focus on seasonal products.

Les nouvelles saveurs de Bagels chez McDonald's

To communicate about the four new flavours of Bagels (plain, multigrain, cinnamon, raisin), McDonald's used influencers who created original contents.

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