• Sarah Trubert

Generation Z and Instagram: the change of aesthetic codes

Instagram has never been more in turmoil than recently, the social network has surpassed 1 billion active users monthly in 2018. But what is Instagram today? A portfolio of perfect framed, retouched and filtered images? The new generation Z is changing the game and asserting itself differently. Focus on the future of Instagram photos.

Generation Z & Instagram Clark Influence

We all have photos of places, dishes, and looks called "Unstammable" in our smartphones. I am thinking of brunch, avocado toasts, white sandy beaches, downtown building doors, colourful walls. Today, everyone posts the same kind of photos. Some influencers sell their own filters to their followers. As a result, we see a standardization of the content published on the profiles.

Instagram has created standards of beauty, sculpted silhouettes and perfectly masked faces. Spending too much time on your feed can lead to complexes and questions about your body and style. Questions that should not be asked when we are on a social network.

This movement is very generational, today's teenage girls are taking things in hand. They want to differentiate themselves and display themselves in a more natural way. Less make-up and more relaxed clothes adapted to the seasons. It offers less uniform, more disorganized feeds, without filters or retouching. These young people highlight their personality by proving that being "cool" does not mean having a perfectly worked Instagram account. Some of them take the concept to the end and post photos that are the opposite of Instagram's "codes" with a good dose of humour.

Here are some accounts that dare to stand out: