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  • Sarah Trubert

Focus: The Story Instagram, the perfect tool to engage your community

We have understood, Instagram is a force in influence marketing. Now, the platform has been taking up the idea of stories (photos or short ephemeral videos available for 24 hours). At the origin of this concept, it is its competitor Snapchat which is now seeing its number of users completely fall.

Now, more than 400 million users view Instagram stories daily. This enthusiasm is explained by the proximity and friendliness that these videos generate. In terms of engagement, brands and influencers are increasingly present in stories as it offers more interaction with the community than traditional Instagram posts.

Instagram stories clark influence

Proximity and authenticity

This format of recorded ephemeral photos and videos, taken spontaneously, is often more intimate and authentic than a post. For influencers and brands, the Instagram story brings out the human side, especially if the person is speaking. Influencers use this format a lot to talk directly to their community (make an announcement, present a look, open packages etc). However, subscribers are not able to like or post comments on these videos. To reply to a story, messages are sent directly as private messages, allowing for a more personalized discussion.

The functionality of Instagram Lives is also a way to stimulate your community. These live videos allow for interaction, subscribers can comment simultaneously and take part in the discussion. A Live offers the possibility to share unique and more exclusive content. In addition, subscribers receive a notification to notify them that a live video has just started.

Use creativity

Instagram unveils more and more features to allow users to increase their creativity in stories. Indeed, there are many tools to customize a story: filters, stickers, gifs, localization, hashtags...

Although stories may seem more authentic, they can also require a lot of work from influencers to create interesting and differentiating content.

Generate engagement

The story is a tool that allows you to have a wider coverage to reach new subscribers. It is also a good way to notify when a new post is published on the account. Features such as asking questions and creating surveys encourage user engagement. For influencers and brands, it is wise to involve your community to build a more sustainable relationship. Indeed, stories make it possible to build subscriber loyalty when they are published regularly or even daily. When influencers create a regular meeting or share thematic stories, they have a better chance of being seen.

Subvert the Instagram algorithm

Instagram's new algorithm is based on users' interests so that they can have more relevant content in their feed. The novelty of the posts is also a basis of the Instagram algorithm. New content on an account will therefore take precedence over an older publication, which is why it is advisable not to publish more than one post per day. In addition, a post will not appear for 24 hours on a feed, it will appear only once and then be overtaken by new ones. This is when the power of the Instagram story comes into play, which can be displayed for 24 hours. Although the stories are also ranked in order of interest, they will appear as users view them.

Interests for brands

For brands, it is an important tool that will also increase the number of visitors to their website. When the Instagram profile is checked, it is possible to add redirection links to a website, an online store, a Youtube video etc. For example, an influencer will be able to film and present a new bag and add a redirect link (swipe-up) to the product page on the brand's online store to the story.

The story can also be saved as a front-page story. They can also be classified into themes to allow users to review them as many times as they wish.

For brands, the story is also a means of underground influence. Indeed, when a user responds to an Instagram story, his message is sent directly to the influencer in private. He will therefore initiate a conversation about the product. In the case of a partnership with a brand, the influencer will be able to answer questions from its followers, give more details about the product and praise its qualities. This influence, also called "invisible", is an extension of the story and can be very useful for a brand.

Infography Instagram Story Clark Influence

Even if an Instagram post remains more qualitative and artistic, Instagram stories offer new ways to engage your community in a creative and more lively way.

Brands and influencers should not neglect this tool with its significant opportunities. Today, users are looking for a more personalized relationship and a simplified shopping experience. In addition, stories are generally less expensive compared to Instagram posts for brands that want to collaborate with influencers.

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