Top 8 of Canadian healthcare influencers

Dernière mise à jour : 10 juin 2020

People around the world join together to applaud healthcare workers fighting coronavirus every night. Have you heard it ? If not, we encourage you to give an echo to their essential work.

In our own way, the Clark team has decided to highlight doctors, nurses and all the medical staff who show courage and sacrifice in order to come to the aid of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because these jobs deserve to gain recognition more often, we have selected for you the profiles to follow. In order to celebrate them every day, this will allow you to stay informed about medical topics, have the right advice, adopt the right reflexes and to simply discover their daily life.

Le Pharmachien

Working as a pharmacist, Olivier Bernard is also talented in plastic art, that’s why his social media is full of comic book drawings and the anime universe. Thanks to his several book publications, his participation in many conferences or in media, the Pharmachien has become someone to follow! Moreover, his infographics drawings deliver health messages in a playful and educational way.