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How wine brands use social media and influencer marketing to sell their products 🍷?

What are we drinking tonight? 🍷 Once you arrive at the SAQ, your heart sway. Are you going to buy a wine that you already know? Are you testing a new wine region in the world? Would you like a Chilean? Or rather an Argentinean wine? Cornelian choice. On Instagram, many creators share their passion for wine and inspire us with the ideal wine and wine pairings or tasting moments. There are specialists, experts, or personalities who share a lifestyle that we like. Canadian influence marketing agencies have understood that putting their clients' wine bottles in the hands of Canadian influencers can guarantee them a ROI for their clients.

Vins Influenceurs Québec Montréal agency agencies

Canadian Wine Specialists

On the Internet, many experts have turned their passion into a source of income. These wine enthusiasts like Joanie Metivier or Benoît Lefèvre have created a well-defined editorial line in the wine world that attracts brands, because they know that they can target a community of enthusiasts.

Canadian lifestyle influencers who work with wine brands

Whether based in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary or Quebec, influencers inspire us with their wine content. To name a few, we really liked the publications of Isabelle Cheng (Rosehall Wines), Didier Young (Ruffino Wines), Joëlle Anello (Rosehall) or Sabrina Stavenjord (Ruffino Wines)

Influencer marketing campaigns in the wine & spirit industry

Brands and influence marketing agencies have realized that placing their bottles in the hands of influencers is a good way to increase their awareness or create a brand preference. Here are some of the wine marketing campaigns that have been of interest to us recently

Chilean wines Philippe Dandurand

The Philippe Dandurand wine brand organized a press trip highlighting the Chilean terroir and the know-how of the Cousino Macul family. This family, which is represented in Quebec by Les Vins Philippe Dandurand, has more than 160 years of history and this allows us to offer a strong experience in Chile with influencers like Noémie Bannes, PO Beaudoin, Sarah Babineau, etc.

Australian Peter Lehmann Wines

We were talking in detail about our latest campaign for Peter Lehmann Australian wines from the Barossa region, on our blog or on le Grenier . The aim was to capitalize on moments of wine consumption (as a couple, with the family, with friends, netflix & wine, etc.) to inspire the audiences of influencers.

If you want an influencer marketing agency to help you to design and execute your influencer campaign in the wines & spirit industry, contact us and we will be happy to send you an offer :

We will soon talk to you about influential marketing campaigns in the spirit industry but also in champagne industry. Stay tuned!


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