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Toronto : 15 Youtubers to follow

Dernière mise à jour : 22 mars

Let's head to Toronto to meet Youtubers who have built their community step by step. These personalities are now enjoying great success in Canada and around the world with their creative and engaging videos. Here everyone has their speciality: Travel, fashion, beauty, technology, DIY and cooking!

Toronto Youtubers - Clark Influence


Kristen & Siya

This couple of adventurers travels the world full time. They shares with us their way of living in order to make us want to travel in a different way. They give a lot of advice and good plans to organize your trips. Kristen & Siya show us new destinations every month, the last one was Pakistan. When they are not on the other side of the world, this couple has taken up residence in an Airstream caravan that they have tastefully renovated and which allows them to change places regularly. Since having their first child, Kristen & Siya have also shared their lives as travelling parents and given advice on travelling with a baby.

Maya Henry

Maya is a 23-year-old transgender Youtube girl from Toronto. She shares on her channel her impressive metamorphosis and talks about her life. She publishes also fashion and beauty tips but also some travel vlogs. Maya is also vegan and shows her health and fitness routines.


How to make a top Toronto youtubers without mentioning Andrew Gunadie alias Gunnarolla. This music and video producer is become famous through many projects, including his magnificent travel vlogs and lifestyle videos. In music, his biggest hits are "Canadian Please" and "The Comic Sans Song". Gunnarolla also regularly collaborates with major brands to create video content. In 2013, his work was also rewarded, he received the "Digital Personality of the Year" award at the Digi Awards.


Istiana is a young woman who never stops. She is both a blogger and a lifestyle youtuber, she is also an entrepreneur and singer! Istiana keeps impressing us. On her Youtube channel, she shares her new sounds, her travels around the world and some fashion and decoration tips. Istiana is also the founder of Monday Girl, which connects more than 2,000 women in Toronto to develop opportunities through networking events and collaborations.

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Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy is a Youtube channel specialized in technology and electronic devices. Unbox Therapy is hosted by Lewis George Hilsenteger and the videos are shot by Jack McCann. Followed by more than 15M subscribers, they are among the first youtube players to offer videos of this kind. Today, Unbox Therapy is internationally recognized and their videos are highly expected. They present the latest innovations in terms of electronic devices. In 2014, the channel created Buzz on Youtube with its video "Iphone 6 Plus Blend Test" which shows Lewis folding the iphone 6 Plus between these two hands. This buzz video now capitalizes on more than 70M views.

Peter McKinnon

Peter is an extremely talented photographer and video artist. Thanks to his Youtube channel, he shares his know-how and gives many tips on photography and video. These tutorial videos are very popular, especially when he edits images. Peter also makes vlogs where you can see the "backstage" of his work.


Allegra Shaw

Allegra Shaw is a well-known fashion and lifestyle blogger in Canada. Since 2011, this fashionista has launched her Youtube channel, which is very successful with more than 883K subscribers. She shares her looks, travels, hauls and wellness tips in video. Allegra is also an entrepreneur, passionate about fashion, she has created her own brand of clothing Uncle Studio with a modern and refined style made from eco-responsible materials.

Molly Burke

Molly Burke is a young woman from Toronto who can simply be admired. She suffered from a disease that caused her to lose her sight at the age of 4 and is now a motivational activist and speaker defending the rights of blind people. On her Youtube channel, followed by more than 1.9M people, she shares shopping videos and videos about her life. She also participates in We Day conferences around the world.

  • MOM

Elle Lindquist

She is a very inspiring mother of 3. On her Youtube channel she shares videos about the ups and downs of Mom's life. She also shared all the stages of her 3rd pregnancy until her delivery after a battle against infertility. She also enjoys sharing tips and tricks on parenting and home organization. Its philosophy is to live in a joyful, healthy and empowered environment based on quality rather than quantity.


4YE Comedy

The Richards brothers, Joe and Tray are Toronto-based youtubeurs. On their Youtube 4Yall Entertainment channel they post sketches, parodies and music. They are also associated with the Much network. Their most famous video format are Judge Tyco and Random Order Podcast where they partner with different guests each week and discuss various topics, always with a lot of humour!

Lilly Singh

Youtube star Lilly Singh, also known as IISuperwomanII, is originally from Ontario. After a colossal success on Youtube with more than 14.8M subscribers worldwide, the young woman is now also an actress and a TV host. But Lilly Singh continues to make us laugh on Youtube, she posts several videos every month where she invites other stars and comedians to join her in her sketches.

  • DIY

Amanda Lee

Amanda is a true Toronto-based artist. This young woman is now well known for her talent for drawing and calligraphy. Every week she posts videos on the Youtube channel on different themes. She is very good at planning and decorating diaries, these videos have become her audience's favorites.

Lauren DIY

Lauren is a Youtube girl from Toronto and is now based in Los Angeles. His speciality: DIY. Indeed, this woman is now a recognized worldwide for her DIY videos. She shares fascinating new DIY ideas every day that are easy to reproduce at home. Lauren also publishes weekly vlogs about her life as well as DIY challenges with guests such as Youtubers and other personalities.


Lauren Toyota

Lauren is an inspiring woman and an ambassador for well-being. Since 2015, its Youtube channel has been powered every week by videos about life and nutrition. Lauren has also been vegan since 2010 and shares videos on her diet in the playlist "What I Ate" and "Vegan Hauls". You will also find travel and meditation vlogs.

Edgy Veg

The Edgy Veg Youtube Channel hosted by Candice and James is a true creative and original vegan cookbook. Their videos revolutionize vegan cuisine, which can sometimes seem boring, by recreating generous, sophisticated or fast-food dishes as well as gourmet desserts. All this is based solely on vegetable food.

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