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  • Sarah Trubert

Vancouver : 15 fashion influencers you need to follow

Dernière mise à jour : 21 mai 2020

Today we are heading to Vancouver to introduce our 2019 selection of the most influential fashion influencers in this incredible city. We have chosen trendy Instagram accounts that will inspire many of you !

Influencers Vancouver Clark Influence


1 - Emma Leger

Emma is a style star, she collects ultra trendy looks. This young influencer knows perfectly which fashion pieces to combine to create a perfect outfit. In summer and winter, Emma wears colourful pieces and especially pink in all its shades! She is also a fan of cosmetics, the influencer presents her favorite products and beauty tips on her Youtube channel. On his blog you will also find posts on his travels around the world.

2 - Aurela Fashionista

For Aurela fashion is a big part of her life. Passionate about this sector since her childhood, she decided to launch her blog to prove to people that you do not necessarily need to spend a lot of money to be stylish!

Today, Aurela is a well-known influencer and a stylist in Vancouver, she also travels a lot between Europe and Canada.

Her outfits that she shares on her Instagram account at 154,000 subscribers are always very elegant. Aurela can be very inspiring for women looking for fashionable working girl looks, she knows how to mix luxury pieces and more affordable ready-to-wear brands.

Blog :

3 - Tessa Lindsay Garcia

Tessa Lindsay is a very sparkling influencer who offers casual, trendy and sexy looks! Tessa is also an entrepreneur, founder of the MACCS brand, she sells trendy and comfortable fashion pieces in soft colors. She also shares her experiences and looks wherever she travels!

4 - Vivian wisteria

Vivian from the Wisteria Voyage blog is a globetrotter who never forgets to pack very inspiring and classy clothes in her suitcase. Her looks match perfectly with photos she takes during her travels. On her Instagram account with 57,900 subscribers, Vivian wants us to see life in pink.

5 - Nina Huynh

Nina is the queen of colour, she knows exactly how to create a colourful and tangy look with lots of style. She often likes to alternate street wear and more classy outfits.

Nina is also a beauty fan on her Youtube channel at 175,189 subscribers she presents beauty tips, lookbooks and vlogs of her days.


6 - Lucy Yun

Lucy Yun is a blogger who is always at the top of her style. His Instagram account is very artistic and colorful. All the photos are worked so that fashion and art mix. Lucy also shares some good restaurant addresses in Vancouver!

7 - Mykenna Jean

Mykenna is a young and sparkling influencer from Vancouver. Passionate about fashion, beauty and wine, she shares her experiences on her blog. Mykenna offers very inspiring looks sometimes casual, sometimes chic. Mykenna also unveils her dancing skills on her Instagram account!

8 - Vitaliia

The Instagram Vitaliia account is a treasure for ultra trendy looks. With Victoria it's a day, an outfit. The looks she offers are always very fashionable and varied in style.

This influencer also likes to discover new places and regularly shares good restaurant addresses wherever she goes.

9 - Flora Law

Flora is a fashion and beauty blogger, her Instagram account is full of sweetness. She knows how to combine fashion pieces with taste to create classy outfits. It is the perfect place to find ideas for outfits to go to work or more casual. Flora never forgets a little touch of pink that she often associates with white.

10 - Rina Samantha

Rina from the blog And She Dressed.... is a fashion influencer who offers classy outfits with rock inspirations.

Rina also shares wellness tips on her blog and often talks about the job of blogging.

She also exposes her life as a young mother in her Instagram stories.

11 - Zarayna F.

Zarayna is a blogger who shares fresh and sexy looks. She likes white and black outfits as well as very sober colours. On her blog, she writes articles about her beauty discoveries and her discoveries during her travels.

12 - Vernice Tan

Vernice is a very talented Vancouver influencer, her looks are generally casual and trendy. She also shares her travels around the world on Youtube account at 25,237 subscribers. We also like his blog, which is presented in a rather playful way!


13 - Haley Estrada

Haley has been writing her blog since 2017, she presents daily very elegant looks in sober colors. Its Instagram is a real place of inspiration for people looking for the latest fashion and beauty news. On her blog, this cosmetics enthusiast also shares a lot of beauty tips! She also share on her Youtube channel lookbooks and shopping hauls.

14 - Leigh Averill

Leigh is a young fashion influencer, her looks are well studied and always at the top of the trend. Since a few months, Leigh is also active on Youtube, she offers fashion videos: unboxing, vlogs, haul etc....

15 - Nadha Barami

Nadha is an influencer to follow. Her looks are very inspiring and at the cutting edge of fashion, she always finds the best pieces to create chic outfits.

She also shares her adventures as a storyteller when she travels!

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