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IGA invites its ambassadors for an event dinner on their green garden rooftop 🌱

Dernière mise à jour : 10 juin 2020

In 2017, IGA opened the largest organic vegetable garden on a supermarket roof and launched the brand "Frais du Toit" : fruits and vegetables certified organic by Ecocert Canada and directly sold in grocery stores. To celebrate its 3rd year, IGA has invited personalities on its green roof to share a unique experience: a visit of vegetable garden with Tim Murphy from La Ligne Verte, a dinner with fresh ingredients picked on the roof, all this in a musical atmosphere cared by DJ Abeille Gélinas.

IGA Evènement Frais du Toit - Clark Influence

After the storm, the musical atmosphere was guaranteed by Abeille Gélinas

Facebook Live, Instagram Photos, Blog article, Videos : Each creator has its own expertise and platform to talk about the "Frais Du Toit" initiative


A dinner that positions IGA as an innovative grocery store that is committed to offering consumer alternatives to its customers:

  • An overall engagement rate of 8%, well above industry benchmarks

  • +600K story views during the event

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Client : Sobeys (IGA)

Influencer Marketing Agency : Clark Influence

Event Agency : Cartier

Production : Urbania

Influencers : Abeille Gélinas, Na'eem Adam, La Petite Bette, Marie-Christine Proulx, Audrey Rivet, Sarah Babineau, Dinette Magazine, Jessie Nadeau, PH Cantin, Didi Lapi, Sansdrick Lavoie, Je suis une Maman, Chic Mom in the City, Josiane Stratis


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