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16 Canadians Sport Influencers to motivate you

Dernière mise à jour : 10 juin 2020

There is nothing like the summer approaching to motivate you to play sports. Today, we have selected the best sports influencers in Canada that make you want to do outdoor sports or make some efforts to prepare your body for the sunny days!

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  • Fitness

Barbelle Officiel

Barbelle Officiel account is the MUST to help women to motivate themselves to go to fitness! Regardless of body type and level, anyone can try the exercises. On the blog, you will find great articles to motivate yourself and many tips to make sport a pleasure. Barbelle is also a very large community of women who stick together. They also created a hashtag #mameilleuremoi where women can post their efforts on Instagram, the results are quite impressive! If you are interested, this group also offers bootcamps every season in various places in Quebec. You can also be followed by a cyber-coach or you can get their ebook for more sports and nutritional advice.

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Jessica L'Espérance

Fitness and well-being are the words that punctuate Jessica's days. On Youtube and Instagram, Jessica shares her advice on diet and well-being. This sparkling sportswoman also takes us to the gym where she films the exercises she does every day. On its Youtube channel you will find lots of excellent videos on its diet and sport routines with exercises for beginners. If you are looking for live advises, Jessica is also a coach at the Physical Parc gym.

Instagram :

  • Outdoor sports

Samuel Piette

Samuel Piette is the star of Canadian soccer. After signing with several international clubs, such as Düsseldorf and Spain in A Coruna (third and second division), he now plays in his hometown at the Montreal Impact as a midfield defender in MLS.

Instagram :

Anthony Mantha

A professional hockey player from Longueil, Quebec, he currently plays for the Detroit Red Wings Club in the NHL. Previously, he was part of the Grand Rapids Griffins team in Michigan. On his Instagram account he shares pictures of his life playing professional hockey. Today, he lives his childhood dream and continues to make others dream.

Instagram :

Genie Bouchard

Tennis is about Genie Bouchard, a young champion from Montreal who is the elite of Canadian tennis. Eugénie (Genie) is the first Canadian to reach a Grand Slam final and 5th place in the WTA rankings. On instagram, she also became very influential like her twin sister Beatrice.

Instagram :

Melissa Bishop Nriagu

Melissa is a Canadian Olympic runner from Eganville, Ontario. Specialist in the 800m, she won the silver medal at the World Championship in Beijing in 2015 and was 4th finalist at the Rio Olympic Games in 2016. His top record is 1 min 57 s 05. Today, Mom, she continues to run and shares her training with us on her Instagram account.

Instagram :

Chris Robanske A professional snowboarder, Chris has competed twice at the Olympic Games and has 7 World Championship podiums to his credit. The snowboarder is just recovering from an injury and has recently returned to the sport. His other hobbies are cycling, surfing, hiking but also photography, we discover very beautiful images of his activities on his Instagram account.


Alysha Newman

Also from Ontario, Alysha is an athlete who specializes in pole vaulting. Each year, she breaks Canadian height records, the last one being in February when she crossed 4m80 indoors. Alysha has also won several medals including gold at the Commonwealth Gold Coast Games in 2018. Alysha is also active and influent on Instagram, her second passion is fashion and shares her trendy looks.

Instagram :

Hilary Ann

Hilary is both a great sportswoman and a Vancouver-based photographer. This runner and climber shares with us her beautiful, inspiring and motivating pictures on Instagram. Summer as Winter Hilary trains and discovers new landscapes thanks to these sports close to nature.

Instagram :

Heather Bansley

Heather is a professional beach volleyball player from London, Ontario. She has competed in multiple tournaments and was part of Canada's Olympic team in 2016 with her partner Sarah Pavan. Heather is a fighter, she was also a finalist at the 2016 Toronto Swatch tournament with her new partner Brandie Wilkerson. On her Instagram account, Heather plunges us into her passion for beach volleyball. Now she is training for the 2020 Tokyo Games.

Instagram :

Tessa Virtue

Tessa Virtue is the queen of figure skating in Canada. Also an ice dancer, she has won countless awards with her partner Scott Moir. They are two-time Olympics champions (2010 and 2018) and three-time world champions. On Instagram, she makes all the young girls who share this passion for skating dream.

Instagram :

Théo Corboliou

Based in Montreal, this young sportsman, French by birth, multiplies sports: running, snowboarding, surfing, tennis, cycling.... This man is tireless. Every day he finds an opportunity to train. But his specialty remains running, where he has set excellent times. Théo is also an entrepreneur from HEC Montréal. In 2017, he founded with a friend the Give a Seat platform, which allows to buy tickets at good prices for sports and cultural events while participating in a good cause!

Instagram :

Marie-Michèle Gagnon

This young woman is a lover of strong sensations, an alpine ski racer since a very young age, she left the family home at the age of 12 to follow her sports and study program. Her efforts have paid off as she has been a member of Canada's national team since the age of 18. Maire-Michèle practices all 4 disciplines but his specialty remains slalom and the giant slalom. She has also participated in 2 Olympic Winter Games and 6 World Championships.

Instagram :

  • Water sports

Sepp Bruhwiler

Sepp is a surfer from Tofino, a surfing town on the west coast of Canada in British Columbia. Sepp started surfing at the age of 6, at 9 he already started competing and then became a professional surfer. He has won several international competitions and launched his surf school in 2005. This sportsman now shares his advice and also wants to open a shop.

Instagram :

  • Yoga

Virginie Goudreault

Virginie is an ambassador for well-being. Passionate about Yoga and fitness, she created the Blond Story website which covers a wide range of topics such as nutrition, well-being and eco-responsible lifestyle. You can find excellent programs and free videos on the site to motivate yourself and do exercises also for beginners.

The Instagram account also makes us want to refocus on ourselves and take care of our bodies.

Instagram : Blog:

Eve Guilbert

Eve's flexibility comes from her passion for yoga. This young woman shares on her blog and Instagram account, her yoga routines and well-being. Eve can be a great source of inspiration for women who are looking for motivation and who want to take better care of their bodies. You can also meet Eve and take her advice during her classes at Wanderlust studio in Montreal.

Instagram :

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