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Top 10 of American healthcare influencers

Dernière mise à jour : 4 mai 2021

During this hard and quite weird period of time, Clark has decided to highlight doctors, nurses and all the medical staff who show courage and sacrifice in order to stop the COVID-19 pandemic. Because these jobs deserve to gain recognition, we have selected the profiles to follow. You will be able to stay informed about medical topics, to have the right advice, to adopt the right reflexes and to discover their daily life.

American healthcare influencers

A daily life of a pediatric and neurosurgeon is not as easy and calm as we can think. Katy presents us her job, explains why she chooses to become a neurosurgeon, how to manage private life and professional life, especially when work takes so much space in her life. Always shiny and positive. 

Thanks to her, you will make an appointment to go to the dentist again. Joyce displays happiness and tries to change the image of the dentist. By speaking of dentition first, she achieves to speak about health in a more general way, as well as well-being and physical health. 

The right advices, the good mood, the right jokes, everything is good to take on Austin’s social media. 

This young doctor and Director of Bariatric Endoscopy achieves to deliver relevant informations about health by adopting a friendly and practical tone! He wonders himself on new medical concepts, experiences, studies and gives his vision on those topics on his blog and Instagram.

On his Instagram, Your Heart Doc is introducing his coworkers and his medical journey. He also celebrates small daily joy to disconnect himself from work to enjoy life. He wishes to educate people on how to take care about someone and how to prevent from some diseases. 

NinjaNurse as her nickname shows is a martial artist and a nurse in neurology. That’s why, if you follow her, you can see a lot of pictures where she has a ninja pose in a nurse jumpsuit ! Something unique and really original. With a lot of humour, she gives us her way of life, between working and her personal life. She speaks about her experiences, such as the first time she cried at the hospital, how much she was stressed for her first hospital internship, but also how much she has made progress since she has started to work ! A really welcoming and authentic profile.

If you are looking for a profile that mixes travel and nursing, you are more than welcomed on the Instagram page of The traveling nurse. Traveling not only to discover new places but also to help people and be dedicated to save lives. That's the way of living of Chandler. She shares with her followers her experiences abroad as a nurse. For instance she was in Kenya for voluntary work and this experience has completely changed her !  Her profile is full of colors and pop attitude ! She inspires hope and motivation.

Being a mum and a medical professional ? Something it can be disturbing, but for Kelly you can accomplish both and be proud of it ! When she is having trouble with her job or anything else in life, she knows she can count on her family and husband, that’s why she talks so much about them also. Her instagram page is dedicated to these two main things in her life ! Lately, she posted many interviews of nursing and medical staff to pay tribute to their job and effort they are doing during the COVID.  

With his 4 millions followers on Twitter, Dr Mehmet Oz is the most famous doctor in the USA ! You probably have already seen him in a TV Show, for instance with Oprah Winfrey ?  He is also popular because of his TV show launched in 2009 : The Dr. Oz Show, a daily program focusing on medical issues and personal health. Apart from his television career, he has been a professor of Surgery and also a doctor recognized for his work as a cardiothoracic surgeon. Advices, news, meetings, interviews, his twitter is full of good ideas and informations to follow.

Be thankful for all the nurses who are doing this hard job in the world, no one is doing that better than Future NP. Nouha is still a student and yet, she understands perfectly what it is to be dedicated to a job. According to her instagram profile, her life is divided by three things : coffee, food and nursing ! A job that is usually tiring, exhausting and hard, that’s why she talks about her feelings as a nurse. Because it’s right to be heavy-hearted and want to talk about it ! 

With almost 100 000 followers, Nurse Blake is now famous on Youtube and on Instagram with more than 600 000 followers. Even if he talks in his videos, about nursing and medicine in a funny way, such as making fun of the nursing school, he doesn’t forget how important it is to respect this job. Being a nurse himself, he  has managed several large programs including The Banned4Life Project and Nurses Support Their Young. Today, he is not only an advocate for nurses and patients but also a writer and public speaker.

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