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How Yellow Shoes generated 11x ROI with influencer marketing

Dernière mise à jour : 10 juin 2020

Yellow Shoes wanted to promote its sneaker collection. From April 22 to May 2, the brand offered 20% promotion through promotional codes spread by fashion influencers from Québec.

Clark Influence Yellow Shoes Campaign

Brand objective :

Increase online and in-store sales with a 20% promotion incentive

Creative strategy : Clark Influence has selected five influencers who have highlighted Yellow's Sneakers collection. Through publications and stories with swipe-up, they encouraged their audience to benefit from 20% off on the collection.

Recruitment strategy: In order to reach a broad target, Clark Influence decided to recruit 2 of the most famous mom bloggers in Québec (Maman Caféine, Parfaite Maman Imparfaite) and 3 millenial profiles (Kamelia Gil, Virginia Pilotte, Maude) which allowed us to reach both 18-24 target and 25 - 49 target.

Results : A campaign that generated a ROI 11x higher than the investment: - 500K people reached - 40K total engagement - For every $1 invested, the brand earned $11.

With Clark Influence, you give your brand the opportunity to have a high ROI, generating significant sales through influencer marketing. If you would like to benefit from the power of influencer recommendation for one of your marketing activations, send us an email and we will be happy to send you a service offer.

Client : Yellow Shoes

Influenceurs : Maman Caféine, Parfaite Maman Imparfaite, Maude, Kamélia Gil, Virginie Pilote



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