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15 Inspiring and Creative Moms in Ontario

Dernière mise à jour : 8 févr. 2023

Today we head to Ontario, Canada to meet inspiring, creative and influential moms on social networks. Between beautiful images, organizational tips, maternity, cooking and decoration these women inspire but also explain the reality of being a parent. The role of mom is not always easy and requires a lot of organization. That's why, through their blogs, these women help other moms who are looking for tips to take better care of themselves and enjoy life.

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1. Sina - Happy Grey Lucky

Sina, mom of 2, does not lack creativity ! The Instagram account of this family is simply breathtaking. Sina create photo montage and staging with her children in their Toronto apartment. Colorful, creative and often humorous, the photos are always taken with taste and a lot of work. We love pictures where the family wears the same outfit. Sina also has a lot of "trompe l'oeil" effect, like those where children are hung on the wall. This Instagram account really worth a visit !

2. Eve Mayrand - Everyday Eve

Eve is a mother of 2, passionate about photography and full of imagination. This family's Instagram account is an enchanted place where all photos are in soft colors. Eve also likes to do photo montages and especially superposition. This account is an excellent source of inspiration to make creative and beautiful photos with your children.

3. Marsida - Raising Howells

Marsida and her husband didn't waste any time, in 5 years they had 5 children. The Instagram account of this big family is lively. Marsida never gets bored between organizing the house, taking care of her young children and writing her blog. This mother also has a great talent for photography, she creates very original photo montages with inspirations from animations for children. On the blog, there are various categories for different contents and in particular articles on family, maternity but also recipes and event ideas.


4. Trisha - No Tummy Mommy

Trisha is a sportswoman at heart. This mother likes to share her passion for sport with her two daughters. Moreover, she has decided to make her passion her profession. Trisha is a teacher of pre- and post-natal fitness and yoga. Her blog is also dedicated to fitness and mother's well-being, she shares her tips and routines to inspire women to do exercises to make them feel good. You can also find fun and healthy recipes on the blog!

5. Ana-Maria - Blue Bird Kiss

Ana-Maria is an inspiring mother who leads her blog with a masterful hand. Since 2017, after giving birth to her last son and following a career in consulting, this mother decided to work full time on her blog. Mother of 3, she is also a fitness fan and regularly posts on her Instagram the evolution of her physical changes, especially after her pregnancies. This woman shares her energy with her readers and motivates mothers to take care of them. On the blog, there are sections on various topics such as fashion, food, parents' lives and many others.


6. Renée M LeBlanc

Renée M LeBlanc is a mother of 4: Austin, Max, Zoe and Alex, the youngest child arrived in April. Renée has created her blog for moms but also for women looking for fashion, beauty and decoration inspiration. On the blog, there are great articles about motherhood, pregnancy, mother's time and family activities.

7. Maya Hood Blog

Maya is the mother of 3 energetic boys, she created her blog to share the ups and downs of parents' lives, to show that it's not always as simple as it sounds. This family of globetrotters also shares their good tips when travelling around the world. Maya is also very good at making healthy and tasty recipes that you want to make at home again.

8. Mary - The Flying Couponer

Mary, mother of 2 daughters, started her blog when she was in maternity leave and after getting a taste for it, she decided to take care of it full-time. Mary shares on her blog her daily life as a mother and gives good tips to save money. Mary is also a DIY fan and makes excellent pastry recipes.

9. Christine & Chris - Amidst The Chaos

Christine & Chris have a lot of imagination and inspiration for their blog. Very complete, they cover many topics useful for parents. Christine & Chris, parents of 3 children, share all the great moments they spend with their families. On the blog, for example, there is an entertaining section where there are many ideas for events and activities for children but also for parents such as seasonal holidays and gift ideas. There is also the style section for the whole family as well as the travel section where the family has shared all their adventures around the world. We also love the corner shop with all the links to redirect to the online shops for all the family's favourite products: decoration, games for children, fashion and beauty.

10. Roxanne West

Roxanne is a French-Canadian mother of 2 children. She started blogging at the age of 19 when she was travelling in New Zealand. For more than 10 years, she has successfully built her career in this field. After posting 3 different blogs on the subject of travel and lifestyle, she decided to launch the Bonjour Bliss blog in 2013, which covers all subjects, including maternity. In addition, Roxanne and her husband are fan of renovation and DIY, they also share their interior design projects within their home with great taste.


11. Amanda Muse

Amanda Muse is a youtube mom, she started her chain when she was expatriated in Malaysia. She now lives in Toronto with her husband and 2 children. On her Youtube channel, she talks with honesty and fun about the ups and downs of parental life. She gives lots of organizational advice and talks about her life as a parent. This mother also records videos with her husband and shares their life as a couple and love with their age difference. Recently, Amanda has been involved in "The Sandwich" podcasts that cover many topics about life.


12. Daneta

Daneta is a mother of 2 based in Toronto, her sweet Instagram is a real book of photography of mother. We love the colors and the minimalist side. There are photos of travel, decoration and children. Daneta also has a blog that she runs to share her mother's life and her favorite products.

13. Katherine - Misskat

Katherine is a mother of 2 young boys, her Instagram is filled with great pictures of good times spent with her family. Katherine is a talented photographer and always knows exactly what the best angle and brightness is for taking a picture. She also loves decoration, her account is a real inspiration throughout the seasons.

14. Erica Shaw

Erica is a young mother of two little blond heads, Keaton and Bodhi. On her Instagram account, Erica shares beautiful and funny pictures of these 2 boys. Passionate about fashion and lifestyle, you will find inspirations for casual chic outfits but also ideas to dress your children. This family of globetrotters also travels regularly and shares sun with us through their Instagram feed.

15. Lynda McKeen Lynda is a mother of 2 cute boys, the Instagram account of these family is natural, full of sweetness and reminds us of childhood memories. Between city, nature and home sweet home, the pictures fit together perfectly to make a beautiful family photo book. We love also the new decoration of McKeen 's house.

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