• Sarah Trubert

15 Inspiring and Creative Moms in Ontario

Dernière mise à jour : 10 juin 2020

Today we head to Ontario, Canada to meet inspiring, creative and influential moms on social networks. Between beautiful images, organizational tips, maternity, cooking and decoration these women inspire but also explain the reality of being a parent. The role of mom is not always easy and requires a lot of organization. That's why, through their blogs, these women help other moms who are looking for tips to take better care of themselves and enjoy life.

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1. Sina - Happy Grey Lucky

Sina, mom of 2, does not lack creativity ! The Instagram account of this family is simply breathtaking. Sina create photo montage and staging with her children in their Toronto apartment. Colorful, creative and often humorous, the photos are always taken with taste and a lot of work. We love pictures where the family wears the same outfit. Sina also has a lot of "trompe l'oeil" effect, like those where children are hung on the wall. This Instagram account really worth a visit !

Instagram : www.instagram.com/happygreylucky/

2. Eve Mayrand - Everyday Eve