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Travel : 15 influencers to follow in Canada

Dernière mise à jour : 6 oct. 2020

Pack your bags, today we are flying to our 2019 selection of Canadian travel influencers ! With breathtaking videos, exotic and magical photos, these bloggers from across Canada offer us valuable advice and tips on their adventures around the world.

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1 - Hey Nadine

For more than 8 years, Nadine Sykoras has been travelling the world and sharing her experiences on her blog and on Youtube video. With more than 51 countries on the list, she never tires of exploring and discovering new cultures. This globetrotter has won many fans, with 458,877 followers on Youtube and over 98,000 on Instagram. When you plan a trip, do not hesitate to visit Nadine's account to benefit of her travel tips to make your life easier!

2 - Cara Jourdan

Cara Jourdan is a talented influencer, both fashionista and globetrotter, she shares what she loves every day. During her adventures around the world, Cara always photographs her moments with style. On each trip, she carries inspiring holiday outfits in her suitcase. On his blog, you will find the description of all her travels as well as some good addresses !

3 - Angela Liguori

Angela is a true explorer! Today, she lives from her passion for travel and shares all her experiences on her blog and on Instagram, where she has more than 147,000 subscribers. Angela is a fan of hiking since a very young age, she likes to be close to nature and evolve in a healthy lifestyle. If you want to discover new breathtaking landscapes you can follow Angela's account !

4 - David Maman

David is a Montreal-based explorer and photographer. No one captures the waterfalls of El Salvador, Puerto Rico or even Canada as well as he does. Lover of adventure, he travels the world and lives his passion, photography for more than 3 years. Today, David has visited more than 55 countries, on his blog and Instagram account (52,500 subscribers), you can find breathtaking photos of his travels.

5 - Girl on the go

Sherri alias Girl on the go is a social media and marketing professional. Sherri's second passion is travelling around the world. It is on her blog and her Instagram account that she shares her photos and details of her experiences. We also find on the blog all destinations, hotels and cruises that Sherri was able to visit !

6 - PO Beaudoin

PO Beaudoin is a youtuber that is now well known in Quebec. His recent tour of Europe (UK, France, Italy, Turkey) was magic. He hosts his Youtube channel with his best friend Marina Bastarache. PO is also a globetrotter, recently, his Instagram account is also dedicated to his travels, he shares daily photos of his experiences around the world.

7 - Elaine Rystead

Elaine from the blog Local Wanderer is an influencer from Vancouver. Since 2014, with her friend Taylor they have decided to launch their travel blog to give advice to all those who want to discover new destinations in a different way. Elaine's Instagram account, with more than 47,600 subscribers, is filled with her soft-coloured travel photos. On the blog, we also find several city guides (Montreal, Palm Springs, San Diego...) perfect to find good plans and good addresses!

8 - Cindy Cournoyer

Cindy is a young influencer from Montreal. Since his last trip last month, we have been more interested in going on a road trip to Peru. Passionate about travel, she shares photos of travels on her Instagram at 112,000 followers. Cindy is also a fashion fan and regularly posts very trendy looks. Her Youtube channel is also her logbook where she publishes vlogs about her travels but also about her everyday life.



9 - Jeff on the road

Jeff is a globetrotter from Montreal. Professional photographer, he shares his incredible travel photos on his Instagram account. On his blog, you can find travel tips but Jeff also has other interests such as food, fashion and new technologies.

10 - Philippe Leblond

Philippe Leblond alias the van man is a well-known globetrotter in Canada. It is in his Van that he travels a large part of America. Philippe is also active on Youtube where he sometimes shares vlogs of his adventures. His Instagram profile has more than 468,000 fans. Philippe is also a model and passionate about sliding sports.

11 - Vancity Wild

Vancity Wild is a family of explorers in British Columbia composed of Brie, Reuben and Oliver. They share their adventures in the wilderness and introduce us to their beautiful region of western Canada. Indeed, there are so many things to do and visit: lakes, large forests... They know this region like the back of their hand. Sometimes, the Vancity Wild family flies to warmer climates, the latest of which are California and the island of Hawaii.

Blog :

12 - Filipa Jackson

The sparkling Filipa Jackson of English origin is now based in Canada. This globetrotter, makes us travel with her throughout adventures around the world.

Its Instagram with 71,300 subscribers is a real travel journal. On her blog, Playing with Apparel, we find all the details of his experiences in the four corners of the world. Filipa is also an actress and model, enough to fill her schedule well !

Instagram :

Blog :

13 - Alex & MJ on the go

Alex & MJ are a couple of adventurers who have been travelling the world for more than 3 years. During their experiences, they photographed their daily lives and made many video films. In 2019, Alex & MJ set themselves an impressive challenge, they committed to posting one video per day on their Youtube channel. You will find vlogs, anecdotes, tutorials and travel tips. Alex & MJ also participate in masterclasses as trainers for those interested in video production.

14 - Charlotte Millot & Alexandre Hallé

Charlotte and Alexandre are a couple of globetrotters from Quebec. Both passionate about adventure, they launched their Youtube channel more than a year ago. Charlotte is a flight attendant, so she travels on a daily basis thanks to her work. She regularly posts anecdotal videos about the life of a flight attendant. Alexandre is passionate about photography and video editing, he also lives today from his passion.

15 - Thuymi Voyage

Thuymi is a traveller from Quebec, she has now based in Dubai with her partner. Her Instagram account is a source of inspiration for travel photos. As a couple, they also launched their Youtube Adventure Faktory channel and share all their experiences in thematic vlogs such as "travel workout".

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