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STUDY 2024


Creating Content for
TikTok in America

Discover America’s TikTok influencers in this in-depth study


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Clark Influence is proud to present the very first study dedicated to American content creators on TikTok, in which we explore the reality of this constantly evolving platform.

Study Objective

Our main objective is to understand influencers’ perspectives and motivations regarding content creation as well as their collaborations with brands. The research also aims to provide key insights for brands wishing to develop effective campaigns on TikTok and encourage transparent collaborations with influencers.


Join us to discover the findings which will help shape the future of influencer marketing on TikTok in America!



This survey was conducted by Clark Influence among American content creators who are active on TikTok. Responses were collected on Typeform in English.


572 American content creators with 10,000 or more TikTok subscribers.


Data was gathered from June 13th to July 20th 2023 and the study completion time was 12 minutes on average.

Dive into the multifaceted world
of TikTok content creators!👇

  • What’s UGC?
    UGC is a unique, brand-specific format created by customers and UGC creators which offers a fresh way to genuinely engage with the audience. This format is a dynamic marketing tool that can take many forms such as images, videos, reviews, testimonials and even podcasts, whether on social media or other channels.
  • Why UGC?
    UGC allows you to create more creative and engaging content to supply your various platforms, while establishing an authentic relationship with your consumer. It also allows you to produce ads with content that is 5X more relevant and compelling than traditional advertising
  • Creator Selection
    We have a network of talented individuals who are experts in their field and with whom we have close relationships. We make a point of surrounding ourselves with driven, passionate people who know how to make your brand stand out authentically and we’re always on the lookout for up-and-coming profiles.
  • We Specialize in UGC
    Clark is an influencer marketing agency with expertise in creative content creation. With our specialisation in this sector and our vast network of talent, we know exactly where to find the personalities who embody your message and your values.
  • What Differentiates a UGC Creator From an Influencer?
    The UGC creator and the influencer are both in demand for their creativity, their expertise and the quality of their content. However, the influencer is subject to compliance with a client brief including key messages to be communicated and a visual framework to be respected, whereas the UGC creator has carte blanche as to the angle to be adopted. They do not have to approve their content before it is put online on their social platforms.
  • What’s the Cost of a UGC Campaign?
    Our team will develop a tailor-made strategy for you, depending on your goals and needs. Contact us to find out more!
  • Which Platforms?
    Instagram and TikTok. All other platforms are available on request.

A Few Key Numbers


Our study provides a wide range of data, from success factors on TikTok to the environmental impact
and partnerships between brands and content creators.

Stand Out on TikTok

Find out how to encourage influencers to shine in their art, propelling success and joy on social platforms 🚀

For content creators, the essential success factors are:







Experienced Team Players

Collaboration is key to a fruitful influencer marketing campaign. Fortunately, content creators are team work experts 🙌


of creators have already worked
with a brand.

of creators consider the social impact of brands. 56% pay more attention to the environmental impact.


Social and Environmental Impact

As responsible influencer marketing becomes a core value of our industry, a clear understanding of social, environmental, and ethical issues is of crucial importance 🌏

* In the context of this study, the terms “creator,” “content creator” and “influencer” refer exclusively to survey respondents.

Curious about the ever-changing landscape of influence
on TikTok? Download our in-depth study for the latest data
on American creators!

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