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15 creative TikTokers from Toronto to follow

Dernière mise à jour : 22 mars

The TikTok platform has a ton of talented creators with different interests! Indeed, there is content for all tastes and that is what we want to represent in this article. In order to get inspiration for your next influencer marketing campaign, you should definitely take a look at the 15 creatives TikTokers from Toronto right below.

Influenceurs Podcaster en France

1. emmanuel.uddenberg - 207,1K

This classy and chic Fashionista shares a variety of outfit ideas through creative and original videos. Whether you're a true menswear lover or just looking for inspiration for your next party night, he's definitely a young man to follow.

2. itsfreshjames - 341,3 K

This young man is a talented barber that creates fun and creative videos while doing flawless haircuts on his clients. We can see a slice of his private life when he publishes cute moments with his mother or girlfriend. He is always fresh, just as his content!

3. matt_and_omar - 582,6K

Matt and Omar are sharing their day to day life on TikTok. They are either surprising each other with gifts, making challenges or speaking up about any kind of topic that comes into their minds. They are a very dynamic, funny and entertaining couple to follow.

4. sadiealdis - 125,8K

Saddie is young 18 years old girl that is having fun trying all TikTok trends. If you want to have a better understanding on what type of audios or dances that are trending on the app, check out her profile!

5. brazilianfoodie - 27,7 K

Be warned, you may get food cravings while watching her videos. If you are looking for a place to impress your date or friends, Sofia is the ultimate foodie to follow.

6. nathaliealysa - 62,8 K

This fashion blogger stands out with her street style and shares on her platform several inspirations of original outfits. Her TikToks are pleasant to watch as transitions and sounds are well chosen.

7. yasmeenmessrie - 47 K

This cool mom is also a social Media and brand strategist. She stays very close to her followers by communicating her point of view on sensitive subjects and by providing judicious advice on any kind of topics!

8. caleontwins - 3,5 M

You can't miss Samantha & Madeleine, the duo of identical twins known as the caleontwins. The young girls quickly found their place on TikTok by sharing dances and humorous videos, always as a duo. They are now followed by more than 3.5 million people.

9. thefitfatale - 17,4 K

Samantha is your girl if you like any kind of content related to fashion, healthy food or beauty in general. She is a very dynamic girl boss that publishes “feel good” content!

Danielle is the queen of humorous videos of all kinds. She often TikTok videos with her mother and memories of her past in highschool! People love her humor, which often highlights generational clichés.

11. htravwrld - 54,6 K

Heather is a soccer goalie and often publishes TikToks related to her sport! She always manages to make her audience smile by adding a humorous touch!

The Kandolas are a beautiful family of 4 and the account is managed by the mom. Indeed, this defense lawyer shares the reality of her daily life at home with her husband and her two adorable children via funny videos.

13. jay.willz - 975,9 K

This cool kid is followed by almost 1 million people. His videos are humorous and original and we can see his personal touch in each of them. This creative young man is definitely someone to follow!

We love the always playful vibe of this woman! She shares fun content with her partner and dog. She is now pregnant and her first baby will be born soon! We can't wait to follow her life as a new mom!

15. sarahfarrugiaa - 79,4 K

Sarah posts any kind of funny trend on TikTok as well as some elements of her daily life in toronto. She doesn't take herself too seriously, she publishes diverse content and her nice personality definitely shines through her videos!

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