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How A&W promoted the Burger Beyond Meat (100% plant-based ball) on social media ? 🍔

Following the launch of a vegetable ball in A&W restaurants last summer, the hamburger restaurant chain decided to work with Clark Influence to partner with talents in Quebec to promote the tasty and juicy Burger Beyond Meat.

Burger Clark Influence influence marketing


- Notoriety: Promote the Burger Beyond Meat

- Engagement: Generate conversations around the 100% plant-based ball

A variety of ambassadors

Clark Influence has proposed a selection of mixed talents from different backgrounds (YouTubers, TV public figures, Rappers) in order to reach a wide audience in Quebec.


In order to generate as many engagements as possible, we asked the talents to create a mini-series of Instagram video stories, while using the application's new features (survey, questions, etc.) to allow the different audiences to interact with the A&W brand content. That's how Florence introduced her father, a meat lover, to the Burger Beyond Meat (vegetable ball). 2 Filles Ordinaires had a blind tasting to try to distinguish the Classic Burger from the Beyond Meat Burger (without meat).

How the influencers used the highly engaging Instagram features (surveys, scales, etc.)

A 100% plant-based ball which tastes like meat.

All of them emphasized the specificities of the Burger Beyond Meat, whose patty is 100% plant-based. Florence, Sansdrick and 2 Filles Ordinaires described the ball and noted the surprising taste of the Burger Beyond Meat as it tastes like a traditional meat burger.

The Holiday season, perfect period to taste the Burger Beyond Meat.

Both the duos 2epeau and 2fillesordinaires and Florence added in their caption the perfect moment to taste the Burger. Whether they are between two family visits, shopping for Christmas or between two shootings for the holidays, it is the perfect time to try the burger and take a break from the hearty meat meals.

Favorite Burger.

Influencer Sansdrick and YouTuber Jemcee introduce their favorite burger of the moment. When one discovers its delicious and surprising taste, the other declares his love to the Burger in a humorous way.


A campaign that promotes A&W's Burger Beyond Meat and achieves an exceptional engagement rate:

- An effective reach of 250K people

- A total +33K total commitments

- A total +600K views of video stories

- A high engagement rate of 13.5%, well above industry averages

With Clark Influence, you give your brand the opportunity to shine on social media. If you would like to benefit from the power of influencer recommendation for one of your marketing activations, shoot us an email and we will be happy to send you a service offer.

Client : A&W

Agencies : Rethink Canada & Clark Influence

Influencers : Sansdrick Lavoie, Jemcee, Florence Lavoie, 2epeau, 2 Filles Ordinaires


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