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Influencer marketing

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Let your products shine on social networks with tailor-made influencer marketing campaigns. 

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Reveal the beauty of your campaigns thanks to our team of Clarkeurs.

Clark, the makeup agent you need

The beauty sector has been relying on influencer marketing strategies for many years. At Clark Influence, we work with industry players to develop original campaigns with one main objective: to stand out from the crowd thanks to content created by the best influencers. But that's not all: co-creation, events, press relations... anything's possible when you've got the best brush.

Whatever your field, Clark will make all your projects sublime:
- Cosmetics brands
- Beauty shops

- Service companies
- Make-up schools
- Beauty events

Ambassadors are the basis of a successful campaign

If we look in your make-up bag, we're sure to find products that have already been used by the ambassadors we work with. Passionate about the beauty sector, they discuss the subject with their community on a daily basis. As a result, we can help you discover the most influential profiles in North America and Europe. Reach thousands of people with creative campaigns across all social networks.

Clark's expertise:
- Strategy
- Content strategy
- Content amplification
- Influencer identification
- Distribution strategy
- Copywriting and design

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Lara Loucenço / Amanda Weldon / Candace Alongi

Brighten up your campaigns with influencers

For every moment of the day, there's a make-up to imagine. Every time you speak out on social networks, there's a piece of content to create. To engage and surprise your community, you need a tailor-made content strategy. To support you, turn to the best ambassadors, those who share the same values, the same vision and the same passion as you. They'll come up with entertaining and inspiring publications to reach your target audience. Clark's team will devise partnerships with designers who stand out from the crowd and who will be able to talk about your expertise in the best possible way.

With Clark, share your expertise in style:
- Choice of ambassador
- Content creation
- Media amplification
- Distribution strategy

The influencer, your beauty expert

There are lots of products, and collections come thick and fast. Give your creations an extra touch of colour with our ideas! Go even further than highlighting your new products on social networks by integrating an ambassador into your team. At Clark Influence, we're all about co-creating products. Rely on a beauty enthusiast to co-create your next collections.


Clark Influence takes care of all your beauty needs:
- Choosing the right ambassador
- Advising on product creation
- Devising an influence and communication strategy

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Marie-Ève Piché

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Make your events look better

For each flagship product launch, think big. Invite your customers and partners to a unique event to discover your new products. To raise the profile of this event, enlist the help of designers. They can come and promote your brand in a different way on social networks. You'll boost both your visibility and your image. Clark Influence is thinking about :

Promotion and ticket sales
- Content creation
- Activating and inviting influencers
- Media amplification

Make your next collection shine

Because it's essential to create a unique launch that will illuminate your brand identity, Clark will develop the winning strategy that will promote your new collection both in-store and online, and that will be based on a genuine relationship of trust with beauty influencers who carry your message and your values.

Clark Influence takes care of
- Brand experience
- Press relations
- Inviting journalists, celebrities and influencers

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Selling in the beauty sector

An influencer strategy in the beauty sector is always a good idea. At Clark Influence, we want to take beauty brands one step further and come up with original and creative projects. Whether it's a question of visibility (content creation) or sales (swipe up in stories, links in YouTube captions, etc.), we're convinced that tomorrow's projects will give new resonance to companies in this industry.

Put your trust in our specialists, who know the different tools like the back of their hand:

- Promotional codes
- Swipe-up
- Instagram/Facebook Shopping
- Links in your bio
- Affiliation
- Sales tracking
- Analytical reports

Our Clients

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Formulaire de contact Clark influence

The beauty sector is being transformed by influencers. Work with us to create campaigns that meet the expectations of today's consumers.

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