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TikTok, it's time to let your brand shine

Let's create the custom content of your dreams!

Clark's dedicated TikTok specialists will develop interactive and engaging concepts that reflect your image while staying consistent with the codes of this rapidly growing platform.

Agence de marketing d'influence - TikTok

POV: you're trending

Always on the cutting edge of TikTok culture and its evolution, our team of strategists identifies influential profiles and anticipates trends while targeting elements that will provide optimal visibility for your brand. With our à la Clark formula, maximizing engagement and reaching your target audience is easier and more entertaining than ever!

TikTok's Influence

TikTok has taken the world of social media by storm with its unique algorithm and short-form videos. Once the preferred app among Gen Z, the platform is now a bona fide search engine for the masses. This provides businesses with the ideal opportunity to establish authentic and organic connections with their audience via the most relevant and trusted spokespeople.

Agence de marketing d'influence - Tik Tok Influence
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prefer brands that show they understand how to create for TikTok.



 turn to TikTok to find products. 



ad formats on TikTok capture their attention more than traditional ads. 



feel closer to brands on TikTok.

Agence de marketing d'influence - Mentos- Tik Tok

How to Stand Out

Establishing a brand presence on TikTok offers the opportunity to adopt a more playful and candid tone through interactive content.


Combining our team's expertise with the ingenuity of talent carefully selected to portray your brand, we can help propel your message, your values and your reach well beyond your goals!

Simply Immersive

TikTok delivers a wealth of creative and interactive content that entertains and fosters authentic discovery. Growing with the platform since its inception, Clark has witnessed its rise in popularity, its ever-changing trends and the implementation of its distinctive codes. This combined knowledge and expertise are at your disposal throughout your campaign, whether it be for developing innovative strategies and creative concepts or for finding the perfect influencer in your area.

Time for a Tailor-made Strategy

TikTok is more than just a platform, it's a culture! Clark's experts pinpoint up-and-coming talent with the greatest potential for short-term growth and visibility.


Our goal is to find the voices that will truly reflect your campaign and your business.

Clark's Expertise

Brand Experience · Digital Experience · Sponsorship Activation ·Influencer Selection · Ambassador Selection · Influencer, Professional Athlete and Key Opinion Leader · Journalist Invitations · Digital Resonance · Public Relations · Content Creation · Joint Product and Program Development · Content Strategy · Distribution Strategy · Media Amplification

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Our à la Clark Campaigns

Team Clark always finds ingenious solutions to highlight your brand, whether it’s by implementing online challenges, creating interactive filters or personalized promotional strategies.

Curious about the ever-changing landscape of influence on TikTok? Download our in-depth study
for the latest data on Canadian creators!

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It's time to Clark on TikTok!

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