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Code Of Ethics:
Guide to responsible influencer marketing practices


Social Responsibility and Ethics in Influencer Marketing:
The Future of Content Creation 

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With the advertising landscape in full flux, influencer marketing has taken the lead and completely changed the game, brands
and influencers now joining hands to bring originality to their campaigns. However, riding this wave of excitement has its downside: a group of influencers some influencers opted for questionable or not-so-transparent approaches, leading to some serious ethical dilemmas.


The solution to this challenge lies in Clark’s Code of Ethics. Tailored to accommodate industry shifts and promote transparency, this code benefits both brands and content creators. Get ready to collaborate responsibly as you follow our three core approaches!

The future of influence lies in the creation of authentic, responsible, and environmentally respectful content.

Want to be part of this new wave of committed content creators? Follow the steps here 👉


Our ethical code is crafted to inspire content creators and influencers towards a more ethical, transparent, and accountable approach. Join us on this mission and delve into our three core principles for responsible influence: transparency, ethical conduct, and sustainability.


1. Authenticity
2. Ethics
3. Respect



The values of a committed creator

Authenticity and honesty are major priorities
for you?


Ethical Conduct

The values of a committed creator

Creators who embody loyalty, respect,
and integrity sign the Code of Ethics.



An eco-responsible approach begins with awareness of emissions of CO2 generated
by our activity or our travels.

The values of a committed creator


Êtes-vous impliqué·e et informé·e ?

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Learn more about responsible influence with Clark’s Guidelines for Best Practices and Stay up-to-date with advertising standards in the field of influence by downloading the Disclosure Guidelines.


Content creators,
would you like to get involved?

The Code of Ethics is reviewed annually by an Influencer Marketing Ethics Committee of creators, agents, agencies, brands, lawyers, NPOs, and public institutions.

Do you have a critical mind and want to change the influence sector towards more ethics?

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