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UGC Built for Your Needs


As the leading agency in influencer marketing and an expert in innovative content creation, Clark Influence can now accompany
you in all your UGC needs as this fast-growing format takes over.


UGC stands for “user-generated content,” also known as “consumer-generated content” and is a dynamic marketing tool that can take many forms such as images, videos, reviews, testimonials and even podcasts. This unique, brand-specific content offers a fresh way to genuinely engage with your audience, whether on social media or other channels.


With its adaptability, this format truly sets itself apart from traditional advertising and proves to be a natural fit for constantly evolving social media. Looking for greater engagement and performance for your brand? Here’s how it works!

Clark’s Expertise


-Finding the Right Talent for the Best Results

-Aligning Brand Credibility with Consumer Authenticity

-Producing Creative and Effective Content with Maximum Impact

Why You Should Include UGC in Your Strategy


Conveying Authenticity Through Your Content


No matter the social media platform, be it TikTok, Instagram, YouTube or any other they all have their own set of rules, languages and codes. This is why Clark finds the right UGC creators for you. We aim to engage your audience so your brand can connect authentically with your target for the best results!


Thanks to our large network of UGC creators, we can offer a unique collection of content curated by talented experts from various fields. With our tailor-made services, your audience can identify with your brand in a more meaningful way.

Increasing Performance on Social Media


Engagement is key to successful UGC. With a precise brief suited to your specific goals, your content will truly showcase your brand’s identity. The objective is to leverage the content created during your campaign, multiplying its impact and profitability while strengthening your image.


Achieving Your Goals


With our extensive knowledge, Clark has unlocked the many mysteries of data. From A/B testing to analyzing consumer behaviour and KPIS, we go above and beyond individual campaigns.


By consistently analyzing and interpreting the data, our teams devise strategic plans that not only meet but surpass your brand’s objectives, ensuring your utmost satisfaction.


92% of consumers claim they trust UGC more than traditional advertising.


5X more conversions than traditional advertising because the content is genuine and engaging. UGC speaks directly to audiences.


83% deem a brand to be trustworthy if there is UGC on their website or social media.

Clark’s Creatives


Through the gift of storytelling and the ability to capture genuine emotions, UGC creators present a broad spectrum of voices that resonate with audiences. This organic connection makes it easy for viewers to relate to them as well as their stories.


Clark has a wide range of talented creators we carefully select to match your brand. No matter the sector, we aim to find your perfect fit whether you work in food, travel, fashion, cosmetics, online products or anything else!



Our Specialists Write the Creative Brief


We Assemble Your Team of Creators


Our Creatives Create Your Content


The Content is Published and Advertised


Our Team Analyzes the Campaign Results

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