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"Dating is not easy "*: this is the assumption on which
the dating application happn based its April campaign #BeautifulFailures. The campaign was used in all aspects
of its communication and made an impact on social networks by inviting everyone to be honest about their experiences, their stories and, above all, their failures. Because each failure, even if it is difficult to go through, allows you to learn something about yourself. happn called on the Clark Influence agency to take care of the TikTok's campaign.




Creation of a storytelling around BeautifulFailures Invite followers to download the app


Men/Women from 25
to 35 years old in France




Number of TikTok views
in 24 hours


Total commitments


Content created

(5 TikTok + 3 real Instagram relay)


Engagement rate


On the platform, influencers are bringing the #StoryTime trend to life: the ideal format for sharing a moment of everyday life. Thus, the creators use this trend to share their story: an intimate moment with their community, like the one we could all experience with a friend, on a café terrace...


During this campaign, 5 influencers played the game and shared a love story that allowed them to move forward. They explained how a situation, initially complicated, was finally transformed into a life lesson. Their TikTok communities were able to discover them in simple #StoryTime or even real-life scenarios of catastrophic dates.

For example, @dash2in1 highlighted the fact that it is better to be yourself from the first date, without trying to change who you really are to please the other person. Meanwhile, @bourboule revealed that if he had been more confident when he was younger, he might have had an epic love affair with his first Crush. @gabinlrc addressed the issue of red flags which he once tended to ignore.


In 24 hours, their stories were viewed over 265,000 times with over 41k likes and comments, an engagement rate of 4.6% on the Tik Tok platform alone.

campagne marketing d'influence happn x clark
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