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Professionals, enthusiasts and those who are simply curious meet online every day to talk wine. Ground for innovation, wide topic of conversation, source of inspiration and a true passion shared amongst wine lovers.

Whether they be experts or aficionados, creators talking about wines share the same particular identity: credible, authentic social networks and a committed and loyal community to show for it.

In short, a cult classic for influence marketing!




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Marketing of influence

We put your products in the hands of our most relevant ambassadors in Canada or in France. Wine is an experience product par excellence: its taste, different for each individual, has a strong sensory dimension. At Clark Influence, we create concepts with influencers so your product is remembered and revived with each visit.

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Influencers invitations

Journalists invitations

Video recordings

Digital resonance

Press trip
and wine tourism

We will guide you through an introduction to cultural, gastronomic and epicurean ecotourism: meeting winegrowers, exploring your estate, wine workshops, discovering grape varieties, as well as local wine and food pairings. Influencers and their audience will be seduced by this wide variety of experiences during which your wine will make a memorable and lasting impact.

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We analyze your product thoroughly in order to concoct an original aperitif box, customized to the influencer's taste. This special attention generates authentic and compelling promotional content for your product.

Brand experience


Influencers invitations

Journalists invitations

Video recordings

Digital resonance

Content creation

By defining a brand universe and editorial line, we create content that highlights your product and boosts it on social media.



Brand experience

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Legal framework 

We support you through the legal specifics of alcoholic beverages brands' digital communication.



For all brands, producers and organizations worldwide.

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The 3 main types of influencers to talk wines,
spirits and alcoholic beverages 

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The Professional

Areas of experise:
Credibility, testimony (feedback, reviews), brand history

the professional

He / she is Sommelier.e, Oenologist, Mixologist, Barmaid, Specialist journalist.

He / she is comfortable talking about the history of the product, producer, brand while bringing his eye and his experience as an expert.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In most cases, this profile is a micro-influencer (between 1 and 30k). His feed is dedicated to his profession. It is a reassuring profile for the consumer and associating it with your brand gives you the benefit of its credibility.

Preferred formats: Live, IGTV, stories, posts, event, articles

The Connoisseur

Areas of expertise:

Sociability, trendiness, brand image,

The Connoisseur

It is a more “lifestyle” profile, which does not speak exclusively of wines on its networks. It may be that she / he is a “well-being” approach (healthy profile), food (foodie profile), decoration and fashion (lifestyle profile)… but the art of the table represents more than half of the published content. This is what makes it possible to identify them! She associates with brands of wines and spirits because above all, these are products that she loves and knows.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Generally, this is a middle influencer profile (between 30 and 80k). It helps boost the brand's image and notoriety while being inspiring and legitimate

Preferred formats : Stories, posts, drive to site / store, tests, contests, events

le connaisseur.png

The Curious

Areas of expertise:
Sociability, tastings, brand image, contests

The Curious

It is a complementary profile to the previous two since it will shed light on your brand. Swiss Army Knife, he is interested in several trends and shares various tips with his community. Whether it is purely lifestyle (fashion, decoration, beauty), or even athlete, parents, travel profile, artist ... to be associated with this profile is to integrate into a lifestyle and into moments of consumption in which your consumer recognizes himself or aspires.

Preferred formats: Stories, posts, drive to site / store, tests, contests, events

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