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Game plan: score the winning goal with Clark and make your brand shine!


A few tips from the sports enthusiasts
at Clark.


Your tailor-made influence strategies created by Clark

As specialists in the implementation of concrete influence strategies, Clark knows how to put your brand on the map. Our experts use the vast network of specialists and personalities at their disposal to find the latest and greatest talent for your brand. Whether your campaign involves fitness influencers, professional athletes or rising stars, the selected ambassadors will unite targeted communities around your campaign. In this way, businesses can increase their brand awareness by collaborating with sports influencers who are the true spokespeople for their communities.

Regardless of your field, Clark is equipped
to help you: 
  • Sports Teams

  • Sports Brands/Equipment Suppliers

  • Sporting equipment

  • Sporting Events

  • Sport Associations

  • Sponsors

  • Spectators

  • Sports halls

  • Sports Venues

  • OEMs

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Clark's Team Develops
a Step-By-Step Game
Plan For Your Project.

Promotion of your product is carried out in collaboration with our most influential ambassadors in North America and Europe, as well as key players in the sports industry. The goal is to develop various concepts adapted to your brand identity to ensure that your brand stands out to the right audience.

Clark expertise:
L'équipe de Clark
  • Content Strategy

  • Content Amplification

  • Editorial and Conceptual Services

  • Influencer Identification

  • Writing and design


Medals earned with
the help of Clark's experts 🥇




Number of sports
played at Clark’s 🧽


Kilimanjaro Ascent 🏔

77% of those who follow influencers report having tried a new sport
after viewing a post on social media.

Digital Canada Ressac & Leger 2023


Create Your Team
Of Ambassadors

Having spokespeople on social media is vital to engaging your community. From influencer research and content strategy development to event planning, the right brand ambassadors will produce the most influential voices in the sports industry. 

Our specialists' extensive knowledge is at your disposal:
  • Ambassador Identification

  • Content Creation

  • Content Strategy

  • Brand Experience

  • Digital Experience

  • Media Amplification

Engaging your sponsors

To strengthen the reach of your sponsors, Clark carefully selects the creators that represent you. Be it during a game, a meeting with your team players or during the co-creation of qualitative content for your sponsors, the selected sports talents will enhance your brand and sponsors on social media.

Optimize sponsorships with Team Clark :
  • Brand Response

  • Influencer Invitation

  • Sponsorship Activation

  • Digital Resonance

  • Media Amplification

  • Content creation

Faites Brillez Vos Événements

Inspiring Tomorrow's Athletes

The aim is to share our passion for sports! We want to inspire future athletes to influence their communities positively by creating authentic content in collaboration with professional athletes and sports influencers.

Let your voice be heard across platforms
with Clark's expertise:
  • Content Creation

  • Media Amplification

  • Product and Programme

  • Broadcast Strategy

  • Influencer Assessments

  • Digital Resonance

Showcase Your Events

We provide our expertise well in advance of the occasion when the priority is to engage viewers on the right platforms. Delivered in real-time, your bespoke content together with the event coverage will accumulate views, shares and comments, so that long after the game ends, your personalized posts will continue to garner engagement and amplification.

Boost your content's performance:
  • Promotion and Ticket Sales

  • Content Creation

  • Sponsorship activation

  • Influencer and Celebrity Athlete Invitation

  • Media Amplification

  • Digital Outreach

Our Mentos campaign embodied by Annie Guglia  & Adam Hopkins
of the Canadian Olympic Team 🛹 →

Let your next launch shine with our experts' help:
  • Brand experience

  • Press relations

  • Inviting influencers, sports celebrities and key opinion leaders

  • Media Invitations

  • Digital Resonance

  • Press Relations

Propel Your Newest Product or Event

Because creating a unique launch that illuminates your brand identity is paramount, Clark will develop a winning strategy that promotes your new collection in-store and online, and builds on a trusted relationship with sports influencers who carry your message and values.

Sport expert

Influencer Marketing

The implementation of simple and effective shopping strategies and processes facilitates every transaction on the platforms. Whether it is through Instagram shopping, a link in the bio, a swipe-up, the use of promotional codes or a sticker link, with one click the customer is on your brand page. Combining influencer reach with a tangible decrease in the number of clicks we notice conversions increase exponentially thus making it possible to reach the performance target much faster.

Discover how to use these features to your advantage with the help of our specialists:
  • Promotional Code

  • Swipe-ups

  • Instagram Shopping

  • Links in Bio and Link Stickers

  • Sales Tracking

  • Analytics Reports

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