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Corporate social responsibility

A triple word (sc.sje.tal)
Values in which we find ourselves

"The very core of Clark draws on the fact that we are a responsible, honest and trustworthy company." 

Since Clark Influence's creation, we have always considered our corporate culture and employees as being our greatest asset, at the heart of our growth and development.

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We strive for continuous improvement

We promote learning, to anticipate and respond to our customers, our employees and the environment's changing needs through constant innovation and evolution.

We are committed to
our people

We provide employment opportunities, foster talent, encourage leaders and reward success. We believe that a team of well-trained individuals of diverse backgrounds and experience, working together in an environment that cultivates respect and inspires strong commitment, is essential to our sustained success.

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We behave ethically

Strong ethical principles go hand in hand with a solid business. At Clark Influence, we act and behave according to high standards of fairness, honesty, and integrity. We have individual as much as collective responsibility.

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Inclusion and Diversity

Clark Influence is committed to diversity and equal opportunity. We respect the unique characteristics and perspectives of all our employees and suppliers and rely on this diversity to build and strengthen relationships with business partners. We value the diverse backgrounds of our employees, customers and partners and attribute great importance to making everyone at Clark Influence feel welcome and included.


Clark Influence offers equal opportunity and treatment to all regardless of ethnic origin, color, religion, gender, age, country of origin or ancestry, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, status in the military, or any other base protected by law. This policy applies to all our employees, candidates, contractors and suppliers. It also applies to all aspects of Clark Influence's interactions with guests and our employment decisions, including recruiting, hiring, placement, development, promotion, training, scheduling, benefits, compensation and termination.

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Environmental responsibility

Clark Influence is dedicated to being environmentally responsible and every one of our employees has a role to play in supporting this commitment. We focus our efforts on key environmental areas where we can have a significant impact such as climate change, natural resource conservation and waste management. 

We continually listen, learn and invest in innovations that can reduce our environmental footprint. We partner with other organizations to raise awareness of environmental issues. 

Corporate social responsibility

We take our responsibilities and those associated with being
a communication agency very seriously.


At Clark Influence, we believe that the principles of sustainability impact every aspect of our work and must be integrated into all of our activities. It is the foundation of our approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR). 

Our commitment to sustainable development takes form in several ways :

1. Aiming for the highest ethical standards in the way we do business

2. Demonstrate leadership and a rigorous selection of our projects / clients

3. Aim to be a top choice employer

4. Be competitive with employers within our industry and have a highly committed staff

5. Identify and engage with stakeholders

6. Contribute to the development of the community; 

-supporting environmental, social responsibility and governance initiatives; 

-Encouraging our employees to donate and volunteer at
local authorities

French Caribbean Tourism Authority- Hote

Scope of our CSR policy
Our CSR policy affects all Clark Influence employees

Governance within our CSR program  

Our President and CEO is responsible for overseeing our CSR program. We allocate sufficient staff and resources to our program to ensure its effective operation and accountability. 


We encourage and empower all our employees to participate in our CSR program and ensure that they assume their responsibilities through increased awareness, education and training.


We establish and maintain a documented management system for CSR activities. We set objectives and targets, produce regular progress reports and evaluate management activities.


Our CSR priorities : We comply with all relevant regulations governing environmental, social and corporate governance responsibility.


When setting our CSR strategy and planning our CSR activities, we prioritize actions that : 

reflect the environmental, social and governance responsibility themes of our annual program

Concretely, as an agency, we pay particular attention to the management of our greenhouse gas emissions from travel and energy consumption, our paper consumption and our purchasing policy; 

respect the reduce-reuse-recycle concept. Wherever possible, rather than offsetting negative environmental and community impacts, we seek to eliminate these impacts; provide savings in costs and increase our efficiency while playing a positive role; are committed to our stakeholders.

We evaluate and compare the positive and negative environmental and social impacts of any new project in the pipeline.

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