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Influencer Marketing
Art & Culture

Interested in leveraging influencer marketing
for your cultural events?


Bringing culture to the fore with Clark Influence

In today's digital age, social media has become a powerful research tool and our first instinct when looking for local activities is often to look to the web. This renewed way of finding locations and products leads to new marketing strategies involving key players in the digital world such as influencers, brands and subscribers.

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Your campaign and influencer marketing

The most relevant influencer strategies will be put in place to leverage your campaign on the appropriate platforms. With the influencers operating as spokespeople, we can benefit from the existing trust of their communities. This way, activations can develop your reputation and that of the influencer in symbiosis. With Clark, you will find the best talent, tailored to the campaign and to the communities that correspond to your target group. As the public figures they are, these content creators encourage and inspire their audiences to discover art by visiting your venue.

Whether it is a/an...

  • Museum

  • Festival

  • Theatre

  • Gallery

  • Art Centre

  • Vernissage

  • Opera

  • And much more...


A tailor-made follow-up

At Clark, clients are accompanied throughout the campaign by a dedicated project manager who is passionate about your project and your values, as well as our team of experts in marketing, strategy and custom content creation. We'll work with you to provide ongoing monitoring that suits your schedule every step of the way. Whether your goal is to target a qualified audience or to diversify your target audience, Clark will carefully screen each of your key representatives.

On social networks, it is not just the experts who express themselves on the subject of arts and culture. The majority of content creators in the fashion, lifestyle, travel and gastronomy sectors share their favourite things and latest discoveries online on a daily basis. Clark will match your needs and the identity of your cultural space or event with the appropriate contacts. Rely on our extensive network of influencers:

  • Nano-influencers

  • Micro-mid-macro influencers

  • Top Influencers

  • Public Figures

  • Content Creators

  • Art Lovers

63% of internet users who follow influencers say they have experienced a product or cultural activity after being exposed to a post on social media.

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Original development
according to trends
and networks

Whether it is for an exhibition, a museum, an interactive exhibition, a niche festival or an opera performance, your target audience will discover your brand through the influencer's content. Behind the scenes, in addition to developing strategies that will exactly match your values and expectations, we produce a wealth of content aimed at creating excitement on social media platforms.

  • Tiktok

  • Photos

  • Videos

  • Blog Posts

  • Take Over

  • Vlog


At Clark, we can help you find your place among the growing number
of key trends across all social networks.

There are those who think that influencer marketing is a term reserved exclusively for major digital and mainstream celebrities. However, in reality, we all participate in this type of marketing, sometimes without even knowing it. For instance, if you post a photo of an exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Modern Art you are participating in influencer marketing. The same can be said if you record and share content at the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival or even at the Opéra de Montréal. In sharing these cultural experiences on social networks, you are now at the forefront of the democratization of culture.


As industry specialists, Clark's experts develop influencer campaigns that generate interest and engagement. The visibility that this content brings then generates traffic to your venue, whether it be for an exhibit, a performance, a show or any other cultural event.

Our clients


Looking to combine culture, arts and influencer marketing?

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