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Influencer Marketing
Movie Theater

How to make a successful influencer marketing campaign and get people to the theaters.
Marketing d'influence : Cinéma

Advice from film buffs.

Marketing d'influence : Cinéma

Clark, the agency that you go to the movies with.

“You are comfortably seated in a movie theater, you’re eating your popcorn, the lights go down, the curtain opens, the sound goes up, the screen comes to life. Why are you sitting there, in this overcrowded room, with people you don't know and with whom you will laugh, cry, be afraid, be moved ...? What made you pay 10 dollars to see this movie? "(Jean-Paul Camilleri)

Understanding the function and creation of digital word of mouth in the film industry - That's what Clark is interested in.

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Influencer marketing

We showcase your film to public figures and influencers who inspire their audience to go to the theatre.

  • Strategy

  • Identifying influencers

  • Content writing

  • Content amplification


Cinema is an hedonistic experience; viewers go to the cinema with a need to contemplate images and feel emotions. Seeing a film provides bliss and satisfaction to the spectator in search of new horizons and sensations. At Clark, we invite people who can spread the word based on their cinematic sensory experience.

Avant premiére marketing d'influence
  • Brand experience

  • Interactivity

  • Influencers invitations

  • Journalists invitations

  • Video recordings

  • Digital resonance

Le bouche-oreille-cinématographique
what effects on the
box office?

Viewers enjoy sharing information related to all kinds of cinematic products. Electronic word of mouth within the industry has both a quantitative influence on the box office and a qualitative one on film appreciation. Studies show that positive internet reviews increase likelihood of a film's commercial success.

  • Film reviews

  • Movie ratings

  • Word of mouth

Content creation
before the movie is release

We analyze your film and develop an original content strategy to promote it, based on digital personalities recommendations.

  • Brand experience

  • Interactivity

  • Influencers invitations

  • Design & decorations

  • Shipping

  • Optimization of publications

Création de contenus avant la sortie d'un film

Our clients

For all brands, producers and associations worldwide

Clients cinéma Clark influence

For all brands, producers
and association worldwide

We have identified several 2.0 influencers (or digital opinion leaders)
who are at the heart of cinematic conversations on social networks.


We have classified them into three broad categories.

individu ordinaire


Ordinary Individuals

People like you and me, who share our favorites and cinematic disappointments on social networks.

Intermediate elites

Intermediate elites

Made up of journalists and film critics, bloggers and YouTubers who promote cinematographic films.

Les élites intermédiaires

The stars of the big screen

Many of them express themselves on social networks. Mood of the day, news and photos from shoots, self-promotion, social networks allow you to be as close as possible to your favorite stars.

Les stars du grand écran 

Big screen
super stars 

What power do digital influencers have over a film audience?
Is the Internet the new flagship that media professionals must capitalize on to benefit from the best cinema marketing?

influenceurs digitaux Clark influence
influenceurs digitaux Clark influence
influenceurs digitaux Clark influence
influenceurs digitaux Clark influence

What power do digital influencers have over cinema audiences?
How to increase your box office numbers with influencer marketing?

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