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Influencer marketing

How to succeed in your influencer marketing campaign to raise awareness
to your governmental or institutional actions?

Marketing d'influence : Gouvernement institution publique



At Clark, we believe that influence isn’t only about business, but also about society. Who is better placed to bring awareness of societal debates as diverse as road traffic safety, cyberbullying and respect of sanitary measures than public figures whom people identify with?

Thanks to influencer marketing, we can change social behaviour towards issues affecting us.

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million impressions


letters of thanks
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recommandations des influenceurs
Influencer marketing

We can help you raise awareness thanks to influencers and public figures recommandations.


Identifying influencers


Content strategy

Dissemination strategy

Amplification of content

Government communication and awareness can be complex. At Clark Influence, we help institutions implement agile strategies - especially when it comes to reaching out to a younger generation. The impact of social media on young people - is undeniable. Social media influence is even stronger now that we spend more time online, at home.

Why work with influencers?

Influence marketing has become an indispensable approach.

When done correctly, an influencer can appear more "popular" or authentic than a traditional press release or advertisement.

Influencers present appropriate ways to communicate stories as part of a content marketing strategy, making the medium gain momentum and popularity with brand managers.

Influencers (bloggers, Instagrammers, Youtubers, etc.) have acted as sources of inspiration and information for years, especially to the 18- to 35-year-olds.

In addition to the role they play on the overall perception of society, they can also shape the ways people make decisions or get inspired. Within this context, influencer marketing strategies offer many advantages, including but not limited to the following:

  • Influencers already have a loving audience that is receptive to their ideas and recommendations.

  • They gain trust from subscribers. Relationships established with influencers can hardly compare to one between an institution and its clientele.

  • They can help bodies create positive & rewarding content which aligns with their needs, as influencers are also citizens.

  • Effective collaboration and sharing ideas with influencers allow the finetuning of communications to a target audience.

​Another advantage is a large number of influencers most areas of interest have.

The main challenge consists of choosing the right influencer to share a concept.

At Clark Influence, we have the right expertise and technological resources to analyze influencers’ socio-demographic statistics which allow for transparent results. And of course, we make sure to work with trustworthy & respectful people (our results & stats show for it): Check out the Clark Talent Factory.


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consumers have more confidence in content published by a person than
by an entity 
(Hubspot 2020)


daily average time spent on the Internet by the French.


of 18 to 35 year olds log onto social media every day.


of consumers follow
an influencer for their recommendations

Case study

Ministère de la Famille - Cyberbullying
Ministère de la Famille - Cyberintimidation
Ministère de la Famille - Cyberintimidation
Ministère de la Famille - Cyberintimidation
Ministère de la Famille - Cyberintimidation
Ministère de la Famille - Cyberintimidation
Ministère de la Famille - Cyberintimidation
Ministère de la Famille - Cyberintimidation
Case study

Canada's source for HIV and hepatitis C information
La source Canadienne de renseignements sur le VIH et l'hépatite C
Gabrielle Marionn Catie
Keisha Catie
Jade Hassouné Catie
Jade Hassouné Catie
Jade Hassouné Catie

Want to use influence as a channel of communication? 
Do you want to have an influence and content strategy
a specific territory and target?

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