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Together against loneliness

Dear reader,

Loneliness affects many people both in France and around the world. This disconcerting experience makes us feel a deep void even when we are surrounded by many people. It is a feeling that transcends borders and affects people from all walks of life. This accentuates monotony, boredom, worry, anxiety and loss of morale as well as low self-esteem. But all hope is not lost since the platforms within our reach can be a powerful tool to fight against isolation.

Indeed, social networks make it possible tocreate links with people who share the same interests, aspirations and curiosities, people we might never have met otherwise. Whether you are passionate about music, photography, literature, gardening, automobiles, or just feel lost in the crowd,there is always an online community waiting for you to support and inspire you!

Positive influence is also an essential aspect of this fight against isolation: through their platforms, influencers have the power to inspire their communities to take care of themselves and others while by being actively involved in improving collective well-being. Similarly, many creators have also encouraged discussions and exchanges on various topics such as self-acceptance, loneliness, depression and mental disorders.

For example, Thomas Goldberg, TikTok influencer and actor featured in "The New Button War in 2012, sank into a long depression. After three years of fighting and on the occasion of his 25th birthday, he released a video clip accompanied by 400 fans retracing his experience and his recovery.

Also, @thomgoldberg produces a lot of emphatic and caring content about depression, anxiety and loneliness.

We can also think of content creator Olympe (@we.are.olympe) to 273 K followers on Instagram and suffering from DID (Dissociative Disorder of Identify). Through its content, Olympe highlights the various mental disorders in order to educate a wide audience and provide support to people who are confronted, directly or indirectly, with these psychological problems

The Canadian influencer @scottcbakken, on Instagram, suffers from chronic anxiety and shares with his community his anxieties as well as his various "refocusing" techniques to do better in the face of his crises.

Also, on LinkedIn, content creator, speaker and activist Libby (Elizabeth) Ward shares different content about mental health, well-being and motherhood, among others. It has thus positioned itself on this platform in order to reach an audience more specifically from professional backgrounds, where anxiety and stress are commonplace.

However, it is important to recognize that social media is also a double-edged sword and can sometimes amplify feelings of loneliness and isolation by continually exposing us to comparisons with others or creating unrealistic expectations. It is therefore crucial to find a balance and to remember that the true human connection is found in authentic relationships and in moments shared offline!

Influencers @olivialeclerc1< /strong> and @karl_hardy had spoken on their Instagram and TikTok accounts by participating in the "24 hour break" challenge; a 2.0 initiative aimed at encouraging people to take a moment offline to reconnect with their surroundings and environment.

However, we should not underestimate the power of social media and positive influence. Used consciously and thoughtfully, these two tools can really help break down the barriers of loneliness and create meaningful connections. They can remind us that we are not alone in our experiences and struggles, and that there is always a community ready to listen, understand and support us.

So never forget that you have the power to connect with others! Social media and influence can be valuable tools in this quest. Feel free to seek out online communities that share your passions, interests, or topics, engage in meaningful discussions, and follow people who truly motivate you.

And if your feeling of loneliness online is too overwhelming, there are resources like < span style="color: #ffd400;">ASTREE ASSOCIATION (@asso_astree) who will offer you support and regular face-to-face meetings , to listen to you and discuss with you in order to fight against this loneliness!

Take care,

Clark Influence


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