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Hugo Boss invites Instagram's most influential men to Portugal for a sensational perfume launch

This week the sexiest men's fashion influencers on the planet met for 3 days in Portugal for the new Hugo Boss fragrance campaign.

Hugo Boss Infinite Clark Influence

Where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Portuguese lands, these landscapes offer breathtaking images for a fragrance campaign based on the balance between metropolitan man and wild nature.

The German ready-to-wear brand brought together, for a few days, the most influential men of Instagram.

For these influencers from all over the world, Hugo Boss has organized a friendly program: early morning helicopter flight over the wild coasts, photo shoots, rest in the magnificent Villa Sublime Comporta, sports sessions, seafood dinner and sunset on the beach. A stay that was much appreciated by influencers who did not fail to immortalize these privileged moments in Instargram story.

The #manoftoday was dressed in the timeless Hugo Boss Collection Spring/Summer 2019 suit. A combination of classic costume and sportswear for a relaxed look with Californian inspiration.

Some influencers have started posting some pictures of their stay.

(TOP) The brand offers itself international visibility...

There are Australians like Jay Alvarez, Italians like Marco Ferri, English like Ali Gordon, French like Hugo Philip and about ten other nationalities. Thanks to this campaign, we will hear about Infinite fragrance from all over the world.

(FLOP) ...too white?

The humorous account Diet Prada, which makes the fashion sphere tremble, raises the question: Would it not have been appropriate to include black or Asian men?

For more pictures of the campaign, here are hashtags : #manoftoday #bossbottled

About the Boss Bottled Infinite : An aromatic perfume with top notes of mandarin orange, cinnamon, apple and sage. Middle notes are rosemary, patchouli and lavender with sandal wood and olive tree in depth. Confidence and modernity are the best words to describe this new fragrance.

Who was present ?

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