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Toronto: 15 inspiring men that will take you into their universe

Dernière mise à jour : 22 mars

The world of influence marketing is not only for girls, and to prove it to you, we have selected 15 Instagram accounts of influencing Toronto men with an inspiring lifestyle.

In our selection, you will find diversified content for all lifestyles: fashion, fitness, food, family, travel, business or music. Here is our list of influencers who will make you want to take care of yourself and to dive into their universe.

toronto lifestyle influencer

If you want to travel and are looking for inspiration to choose your destination, take a look at Josh's artistic photos. You can find his most beautiful discoveries and adventures all over the world.

Matt shares his love for nature, animals, the environment and vegan food while showing his family life with Omar, his boyfriend, and Yves, their cute dog.

Askhan is a lifestyle influencer with a small penchant for cooking and gourmet food. On his feed, we can find his travel experiences, home decoration and most beautiful adventures.

Abhishek is a lifestyle foodie influencer with a talent for exceptional culinary photography. His feed makes us want to set up a beautiful table, garnish it with various dishes and take a flat lay picture.

Warm colors dominate Abhishek photos and it makes us want to follow his joyful lifestyle.

If you are looking for a motivation to go to the gym and take care of your body, take a look at Jose's photos. Sporting is a way of life for Jose and not just a temporary activity.

Daniel has a sense of creativity and entrepreneurship, and this can be seen through his content and initiative. In fact, he launched his two companies, Loft 109 studio and Platform Media & Management, specialized in event organization and content creation. Daniel also loves art, all kinds of drinks (coffee, beer, wine), healthy snacks and also shares his fitness lifestyle.

Abdulla is an ex-student of the University of Toronto, who still considers himself as a student of life. Through its lessons and experiences, life is always the best teacher we can have. By publishing inspiring content, Abdullah encourages men to take care of themselves and accept themselves as they are."My objective is to ensure every guy is comfortable being who they want to be while taking care of themselves. It’s a simple thing that is usually overlooked, but can really go a long way in terms of becoming a better version of yourself or simply being better to those around you." he said.

Brett is a fashion enthusiast who loves to share his everyday outfits. Brett never studied or worked in fashion, he developed his knowledge little by little by discovering his passion. Through his photos, Brett wants to motivate men to take care of their appearance to boost their self-confidence.

Fashion isn't just a hobby for Jonathan, it's his entire career. Jonathan began his fashion career at the age of 16 in the retail sector and launched his blog while studying fashion business at Humber College.

Jonathan has also other interests such as sport and well-being. Indeed, he has already travelled to Brazil for a career in soccer.

Steven shares his lifestyle and discoveries with great positivity and creativity. Steven's career is very rich in experience since he has already launched his company "SWAGGER Magazine" , which is a fashion and lifestyle magazine dedicated to men. Steven is also the editorial director of The View Vibe magazine and the creative director of AH MEDIA, a digital marketing agency.

Rocky shares his everyday outfits on his Instagram account. On his feed, we can find different styles for different occasions. Rocky also involves his family in his adventure as a fashion influencer. His son usually appears in his pictures.

Didier is a beautiful cultural mix. Having Chinese origins, Didier proudly bears a French name and grew up in Africa. In 2009, Didier left Africa to study in Toronto. Today, Didier defends great values through his social networks. The blogger encourages people to have a slow lifestyle, make responsible purchasing choices and shares his best gourmet and delicious dishes.

Andrew shares his passion for music and his creations with his community. On his youtube channel followed by 1.8M people, Andrew shares music content with a lot of humour and creativity. He also inspires his followers to learn music by giving them tips.

Alen is a talented photographer with a passion for architecture and urban design. Alen's photographs have been so successful that it seduced the best brands such as Nike, Air Canada, Mercedes-Benz and Canon.

Chris is a passionate photographer who creates inspiring content and provides community management advice. On his youtube channel followed by 305,000 people, Chris shares his tips on how to better manage his community, take beautiful photos and create inspiring content.

Chris doesn't keep the secrets of his success for himself, but he likes to share his knowledge with others, and that's what makes him an authentic influencer.

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