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How French fashion brand Molly Bracken increased sales at The Hudson Bay with Canadien influencers ?

Dernière mise à jour : 19 oct. 2020

Molly Bracken, a French fashion brand distributed at The Bay and in trendy stores across Canada, worked with 12 Canadian women fashion influencers to promote its collection available at The Bay. In total, more than 100 content created, including Instagram posts, IGTV and a lot of stories with swipe-up to the Bay e-shop.

Hudson Bay with Canadien influencers

Brand Objectives :

- Awareness : Raise brand awareness

- Sales : Increse sales at The bay, online and in store.

Creative Strategy :

Clark Influence has selected a dozen fashion influencers who have been able to choose their Molly Bracken looks and showcase them through photos, stories and IGTV contents on Instagram.

Recruitment strategy :

Distributed across Canada, the brand aims to develop its awareness on a national scale. We have decided to recruit fashion influencers across Canada, whether in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal or Quebec City.

Every influencer used her sense of style to create a Molly Bracken outfit : for example, Cara Jourdan from Vancouver wore the blazer as a dress, Jessika highlighted the coral pants in the streets of Montreal, and Olivia Di Pede matched the leopard skirt with a black or white sweater. Find some outfits below or for more inspiration, you will find all the contents with the # : #mollybgirls

IGTV - Spring Outfits with Molly Bracken


A campaign that allows the brand to raise awareness and sales :

  • +1M Canadians reached

  • +100K engrangements in total

  • +100K stories views

With Clark Influence, you give your brand the opportunity to have a significant increase in notoriety through influencer marketing. If you would like to benefit from the power of influencer recommendation for one of your marketing activations, send us an email and we will be happy to send you a service offer.

Client : Molly Bracken

Influenceurs : Cara Jourdan, Jessika, Catherine Peach, Maude, Jodie Law, Ruby Gillett, Olivia Di Piede, Audrey Beliveau, Kamélia Gil, Virginie Pilote, Laurence Bédard, Camay Jette


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