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The Australian wine brand Peter Lehmann capitalizes on unique and warm moments of consumption 🍷

Peter Lehmann, which grows its wine in Australia's Barossa Valley, one of the world's best Shiraz producing regions, calls on epicureans from Quebec and British Columbia to promote its wine: The Barossan.

Brand objectives :

- Awareness: To promote Peter Lehmann's The Barossan, its Australian origin, taste and flavours

- Sales : Increase brand sales

Creative strategy :

Clark Influence has selected a dozen influencers who integrate The Barossan wine into a scene of life in a natural way, usually during an aperitif accompanied by cheese, grapes or cooked meats. It is an opportunity for them to describe different moments of singular consumption, to insist on the origin of the wine, its taste and its unique flavours.

Unique moments of consumption 🍷


By the lake or at home, what could be better than a bottle of red wine to accompany a special moment for a couple?

Netflix & Peter Lehmann

Jacky's definition of self-care? Enjoy your membership card at the gym, or stay home and watch Netflix and enjoy The Barossan? A choice that doesn't seem obvious to Jacky.

Family time

Catherine knows what makes her happy in autumn: going outdoors, admiring the warm colours of the trees, accompanied by her mother and a glass of The Barossan.

Cocooning night

After a day's work, Maude chose the sofa option, next to her dog, with a glass of The Barossan in her hand. Nothing better to relax according to her.

A wine from Barossa' region in Australia 🇦🇺

The winegrowers of the Barossa Valley, whose reputation is well established and who are known for their know-how and high quality, have joined forces to create this Barossa Shiraz from carefully selected grapes. As part of this campaign, we wanted to emphasize the geographical origins of the wine, and to make The Barossan rhymes with the recognized qualities of the region. This is the reason why we created #: #WinesFromBarossa, allowing us to geographically register the wine in this region of the world renowned for its excellent Shiraz wines.

Tastes and flavors

Dark purple colour, expressive bouquet of black cherry, blackcurrant cream, mocha and fine dark chocolate, full-bodied palate with pleasant melting, fine and velvety tannins and long finish. We wanted our ambassadors to describe its flavours to appeal to their audience. Cheers!


A campaign that brings a significant increase in awareness to the Australian wine brand:

- 500K people reached

- 52K total engagements

- 100K stories views

With Clark Influence, you give your brand the opportunity to shine on social media. If you would like to benefit from the power of influencer recommendation for one of your marketing activations, send us an email and we will be happy to send you a service offer.

Client : Peter Lehmann

Agency : Clark Influence, Demandre communications

Influencers :

Audrey Rivet, Daniel Bederov, @cathmo_, @llesdeux, Mélanie Boivin, Virginie Roy for Quebec

Stephen Covic, Jacky Chui, Kurtis Seaton for British Colombia


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