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10 moms from Calgary worth checking out

Calgary, known for beautiful/breathtaking landscapes, is the go to destination for taking pictures in front of the rocks or skiing! Moreover, in this article, you will find 10 moms from the province of Alberta who stand out. Indeed, they will know how to give you the best advice to make your daily life easier, whether it's for activities, photo inspiration or advice, they will always have the words for you.

1. Rini Frey - Ownitbabe

When you come across Rini's account, you'll feel less alone during your postpartum period. As a matter of fact, as the mother of little Zoe, she promotes self love and body positivity.She doesn’t shy away from showing the reality of women’s bodies after giving birth, postpartum. In addition, she places great importance on good mental health.

2. Kiki Davies - Pursingpretty

Kiki is a mom and blogger who shares various tips and tricks via her account. You'll find beauty DIYs, tips on how to look good on a budget, photos that make you want to travel and finally her daily life with her two boys. It's impossible not to fall in love with her colorful content and her little dog Ruby. If you want to learn more, she has a blog so check it out!

3. Sarah - heysarahdarling

Looking for a Pinterest-worthy event planner, Sarah will take care of you (Sarah will take care of all your needs). She has her own website Milk and Confetti where she shares blog posts, her favorite products as well as everything about her event company. Sarah is also passionate about interior design, so if you're looking for decorating inspiration you'll be served! Finally, she is the mother of two adorable little girls Isla and Noa.

4. Chantelle Spark

Chantelle will make you want to have a big family! She is the mother of four girls and soon of a little boy. On her account you will quickly understand that she is very aware of the need for women to feel good about themselves. Thanks to Chantelle you will feel less alone in the phases of accepting the changes your body experiences during pregnancy and postpartum.

5. Jasmin Shannon - Lemons.for.days

As soon as you fall onto Jasmin's account, you will see that her children love to make you laugh. It's impossible not to fall in love with her little family. She shows the reality of her family life with her three children. In addition to her role as a mom, Jasmin discusses the concept of influencer marketing on her page. She gives various tips for small businesses as well as her role as an influencer blogger. Finally, if you are looking for various product tips, just check out her blog!

6. Christy Lynn - Simplychristylynn

Have you always dreamed of visiting Calgary and its beautiful landscapes? If that’s , you’ll be able to do so by following Christy. Through her publications, she will make you discover Banff, Lake Louise and Canmore. In addition, she is a mother of two boys, she shares recipe ideas, her day to day and tips for family life. You want to know more ? You just have to go on her blog !

7. Tanis Mitchell

Tanis shares her sweet daily life via her instagram account. She and her little family went through a big event after the birth of Lukah. In fact, her little girl had to undergo an organ transplant as soon as possible or she wasn't going to win the fight. So throughout the process, Tanis shared her reality with her oldest daughter. At this time, the whole family is doing well and she is awaiting the arrival of baby 3.

8. Dom Carson

Do you love all things outdoors, but wonder how you'll continue with the arrival of a baby ? Then you need to check out Dom's account. Mom to Aster as well as her two dogs Pippin and Took, she brings you along on her backpacking adventures. Both in winter and summer, she shares nature photos with her family. Moreover, she is passionate about photography, she even has her instagram page exclusively for this hobby.

9. Ayla Langford

Already the mother of Nova, Ayla is expecting a little miracle. Indeed, for her second daughter, she needed to go through the fertilization process. She decided to openly talk about it with her followers to show the reality that getting pregnant is not as easy as we think. She chose to be honest and showed the whole process of conceiving a little sister to Nova!

Being a preschool teacher, she decided to inspire other moms through her daily life. She created another instagram page, where she shares various creative activities to do at home with your kids.

10. Ana Trutina

Are you a boy mom too? If so, you will certainly get along well with Ana. Indeed, there is no time to be bored when you are a mom of five boys. When the party for one of them is over, it's time to prepare for the next one! As you can see, Anna loves parties! For example, at Halloween she pays attention to every little detail to ensure that her party's successful with the children.

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