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  • Sarah Gervais Houle

Celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day: Top 10 Indigenous TikTok Creators to Follow

National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada takes place every year on June 21st, the summer solstice. Ongoing reconciliation with the Indigenous Peoples of Canada is one of the most vital aspects of our country’s future. To mark National Indigenous Peoples Day in 2024, we’re celebrating some of the most innovative Indigenous content creators from across the country. Get familiar with them today, because you’ll certainly be seeing more of them in the future.

Top 7 des influenceurs mode à Toronto

1 - Cashâ Foy – Smithers, BC (@twosp1r1t)

Cashâ is a 2-Spirit, Cree creator based in Smithers, BC. Their work primarily focuses on inspirational content, especially related to 2SLGBTQIA+ issues, and how these intersect with life as an Indigenous person. Cashâ also makes lifestyle and culture videos, showcasing what it’s like to live in Northern B.C, and how to keep Cree traditions alive.

2 - Jamie Cloud – Kettle Point FN, ON (@jamieclout85)

Jamie is Chippewa, from the Kettle and Stony Point First Nation, located in Southern Ontario along the shores of Lake Huron. His videos usually involve him lip-synching or dancing (especially to rap), and he isn’t afraid to let his emotions or his humour shine through in his content.

3 - Candace Bighead – Saskatoon, SK (@bentleyandcandace)

Candace lives in Saskatoon, and creates videos about motherhood, and life with a Medical Alert K9, the lovable Bentley, who supports her while she lives with PTSD. Candace is always capturing cute, funny, and heart-warming moments from both Bentley and her newborn daughter, as they thrive and grow together. 

4 - Blackwolf Hart – York, ON (@204blackwolf)

Blackwolf has a huge personality, which bursts forth from his videos like a freight train. He always has his finger on the pulse of the latest TikTok trends, and puts a delicious Indigenous spin on each and every video, through dance, music, and comedy.

5 - Isabelle Chapadeau – Iqaluit, NU (@isapadeau)

Isabelle is an Inuk woman who lives in Iqaluit, Nunavut, who makes content about the life, culture, laughs, and struggles of Canada’s northernmost Indigenous people. From Inuk art and language, to the challenges of living in such a remote area of the world, Isabelle’s videos open our eyes to Nunavut’s beauty and contradictions.

6 - Natasha Fisher – Toronto, ON (@Natashafisher_)

Natasha is an Ojibwe-Finnish singer, based in Toronto, whose voice brings warmth to your phone screen. Whether she’s showcasing her musical talent, talking about her journey through sobriety, or advocating for MMIWG2S, Natasha’s videos capture the complete Indigenous experience in contemporary Canada.

7 - Caleb Kirton – Winnipeg, MB (@calebcurtain0)

Caleb is Red River Métis, living in Winnipeg, whose content works to connect cultures through food. This includes restaurant reviews in and around Winnipeg, tasting different foods from around the world, and even presenting restaurants he stumbles upon during his travels. Caleb’s videos show that the best path to cultural understanding remains via our stomachs.

8 - Douglas Morin – Saskatoon, SK (@lilwalkingbuffalo)

Doug is a Cree singer, currently living and creating in Saskatoon. His videos have a heavy focus on Indigenous music, particularly singing and drumming. Additionally, his content helps show off Saskatoon’s Indigenous community, including other artists and musicians. 

9 - Mikayla Seto – Richmond, BC (@mikiseto)

Mikayla is a Chinese and Plains Cree dancer, originally from Saskatchewan but now living in Vancouver. Her content is rooted in her extremely particular cultural mix, at once East Asian and Indigenous, and she expertly blends and explains her two cultures through a fascinating range of dance and commentary.  

10 - Julian Robia – Timberlea, NS (@julianrobia)

Julian is a self-proclaimed ‘Nova Scotia Native,’ strumming his guitar and belting out country originals and covers for our listening pleasure. He produces videos that primarily focus on his music but also include some hysterical interactions with his grandmother.

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