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Our Top 7 fashion influencers in Toronto

Updated: Mar 22

For curious and fashion fans here is our 2024 selection of fashion influencers in Toronto ! They stand out by their own style. These influencers of all ages share their inspiring looks and sometimes their good addresses in the Queen City.

Top 7 des influenceurs mode à Toronto

1 - Kayla Seah (@kayla_seah)

Kayla is a Toronto star blogger with Chinese and Italian origins. This fashion influencer shares her style with neutral colors. She likes to mix luxury and ready-to-wear brands. She likes to mix luxury and ready-to-wear brands. She also founded the marble candle brand @notyourstandard which bears the same name as her former blog.

2 - Sasha Mei (@sasha.mei)

Sasha Mei is a fashion and interior design influencer.With her childhood friend Amy Yu, she created @yuandmei_, an event service specialized in organizing themed dinners such as "wine nights" or "garden parties".

3 - Ika Wong (@theikawong)

Ika, who is of Chinese and Jamaican descent, shares sophisticated outfits that are ideal for the tropical climates of the destinations she visits, such as Greece or Mexico. She also shares a YouTube channel with her fiancé Dem, where they do challenges, answer questions and share their adventures.

4 - Sarah Mian (@sarahmian)

Sarah Mian is passionate for fashion, home decor and good food. 

Her Instagram account at 79 000 followers is rich in casual and chic fashion content. Sarah also enjoys sharing her favorite recipes on her second Instagram account @casa.mian.

5 - Carly Alexandra (@carlyramsay)

Carly's profile looks like something straight out of Pinterest. She shares landscape photos, daily looks and even gourmet moments, like pastries so perfect they deserve to be photographed.

6 - Sarah Anne (@tonsablush)

Sarah Anne regularly shares her colorful outfits, while offering wardrobe ideas for plus-size women. She actively promotes body positivity, advocating self-acceptance and body acceptance.

7 - Lisa Corbo (@lisacorbo)

Lisa Corbo, an influencer in her 60s, has a sophisticated style that doesn't shy away from the ordinary. She isn’t afraid to wear daring pieces like a leopard-print dress or a sheer mesh top. Lisa proves that fashion is timeless and that you can wear what you want no matter your age.

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