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Our Top 8 healthcare influencers in Canada

Updated: Mar 22

Explore the captivating world of medicine, science and health with our top 8 Canadian influencers who illuminate these complex fields. From simplifying scientific concepts to sound medical advice, immerse yourself in the world of these passionate experts who are redefining the way we understand and approach health. Get ready to be educated, inspired and guided towards a more informed future with these enlightened voices!

Our Top 8 healthcare influencers in Canada

A pharmacist by profession, Olivier Bernard is also a talented visual artist. Hence, his social media is filled with comic drawings and an animated world. Through publishing several books, participating in conferences, and media appearances, Pharmachien has become a notable personality. Moreover, his infographic-style drawings deliver health messages in a playful and educational manner.

A very girly world, as her username suggests, where Courtney shares her pediatric internships and training experiences. On her blog, she provides advice and insights about her studies, such as "10 things I wish I knew before entering medical school." On YouTube, she discusses her studies and habits, like her morning routine before hitting the books. Plenty of helpful health tips are offered, even for non-medical students!

A holder of a PhD in Neuroscience and Cell Biology, Samantha entertainingly shares scientific content, including videos on paleontology and fun experiments. Her playful and approachable style simplifies science for everyone.

Barbara is a well-intentioned nurse who shares online courses to assist future nurses in their training. As nursing requires adaptability, she provides tips such as managing time as a night nurse and developing daily reflexes to aid those in need.

Chloé, a Montreal-based microbiologist and member of the LGBTQ+ community,  explores microorganisms in the human body, on everyday objects, and in food under her microscope. Additionally, she shares tips to enhance overall quality of life.

You may have heard him on the radio - Denis Fortier is a luminary in his field: physiotherapy. A speaker, columnist, and author, he has been practicing in clinics for 25 years. On social media, he shares numerous articles in listicle format or videos, offering essential advice to his followers. On YouTube, he covers diverse topics such as pregnancy, osteoarthritis, prevention, muscles, and exercise programs to stay fit.

Bryce Wylde is renowned not only for his work as a functional medicine clinician, but also as the host of the TV show "Wilde On Health." Specializing in homeopathy, nutrition, and botanical medicine, he discusses these topics on television with international guests such as Dr. Oz and Dr. Andrew Weil. He shares his interviews on his Twitter page and also posts updates on nutrition, sports, and mental health.

The concept of health also encompasses mental well-being. Sonia, author, wellness specialist, and TEDx speaker, provides advice on leading a balanced and peaceful life while achieving one's goals.

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