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Top 8 of Canadian healthcare influencers

People around the world join together to applaud healthcare workers fighting coronavirus every night. Have you heard it ? If not, we encourage you to give an echo to their essential work.

In our own way, the Clark team has decided to highlight doctors, nurses and all the medical staff who show courage and sacrifice in order to come to the aid of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because these jobs deserve to gain recognition more often, we have selected for you the profiles to follow. In order to celebrate them every day, this will allow you to stay informed about medical topics, have the right advice, adopt the right reflexes and to simply discover their daily life.

Working as a pharmacist, Olivier Bernard is also talented in plastic art, that’s why his social media is full of comic book drawings and the anime universe. Thanks to his several book publications, his participation in many conferences or in media, the Pharmachien has become someone to follow! Moreover, his infographics drawings deliver health messages in a playful and educational way.

Like her nickname says, the Girly MD also known as Courtney has the most girly universe ever. Still studying in pediatrics, she explains her daily life as a student in medicine and her work in her internship. Her Youtube Channel is aimed to show what it is like to be a medical student in Canada, as well as provide tips for success to pre-med students, such as : 10 things I would have loved to know before studying medicine.

Sam fights against the fake news which is spreading all over social media and gives true advice about health and medicine.  Thanks to her detailed and completed publications, we learn more about viruses and symptoms, because of her scientific and professional gaze. Lately, she has detailed the last evolution of COVID-19 in order followers to be better informed and understand how to prevent it.

Barbara is a nurse full of kind wishes, she hosts several online classes to help train future nurses. Part of being a nurse is also being able to adapt ! That’s why she is sharing useful tips such as : How to manage a schedule when we are a nurse on the night shift or having the good reaction to help someone in need in the daily life.

Teacher, author, speaker and more, Timothy Caulfield has many talents and a wide variety of knowledge!  On twitter, he answers questions from other doctors and well known specialists in healthcare to give his opinion. Whether it is always agreed, or not. He also talks about his books and shares several articles about different informative topics, but he always leaves room to grow and engage in conversation. 

If you haven’t seen him in recent articles, you may have heard him speaking on the radio? Denis Fortier is a big name in physiotherapy. Speaker, writer and columnist, he has been working in a private clinic for the past 25 years. On social media he shares various articles and informative videos to give essential advice to followers. On his Youtube Channel, he approaches diverse subjects like pregnancy, arthritis, osteopathy, injury prevention and even every day exercises to stay healthy. His YouTube Channel is vastly growing with 66,000 followers.

Bryce Wylde is known not only because he works as a functional medicine clinician, but also because he hosts a well known TV Show named : Wylde on Health. Specialized in homeopathy, clinical nutrition, supplementation, and botanical medicine, he talks about these subjects in detail on TV shows with international experts including; Dr. Mehmet Oz or Dr. Andrew Weil. He shares his interviews on twitter, where he also shares news about nutrition, sports, and mental health…

Dr Horacio Arruda is a key person to follow during the pandemic. After being a teacher at the University of Montreal, and being a doctor in Laval, he nowadays is the leader of the Public Health Department at the Minister of Health and Social Services in Quebec.  He speaks closely with the prime minister François Legault while giving daily press meetings. On twitter he shares updated information about COVID-19 and encourages researchers and medical staff who are working hard during this period of time. 

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