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TikTok in February: discover what's trendy right now

February is already underway, and a few trends have already emerged on TikTok - impossible to miss if you scroll regularly.

Trends are a real source of inspiration for future creative strategies, whether on the creative side, or on the advertiser or agency side.  If entertainment remains at the heart of content creation, it's because it's the main motivation for 98% of creators (cf. Our study "Being a content creator in Canada").

After sharing the major trends for 2024, we'll now take a closer look at those for the beginning of the year.

TikTok in February: discover what's trendy right now

Movies soundtracks in trends🍿

The recent releases and rise in popularity of the films "Saltburn" on Prime Video and "Anyone But You" in theaters have triggered a veritable excitement on social networks, spreading their respective soundtracks across TikTok.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor's song Murder on the Dancefloor enjoyed a spectacular resurgence in popularity thanks to its presence in Emerald Fennell's film Saltburn. On December 31, the song reached its highest number of streams in a single day on Spotify: +1.5 million listens worldwide. In the US, it recorded a 360% increase in the first week following the film's release on November 22. Currently, it continues to dominate TikTok trends, with each user contributing their own humorous interpretation of the film's final scene.

As for Natasha Bedingfield's Unwritten, the song generated over 1.3 million streams between December 29 and January 1, representing an impressive 156.3% increase on the previous weekend. Since the release of the film "Anyone but you”, TikTok has been inundated with videos using this music, featuring viewers jumping in joy after watching the film. To date, the soundtrack has generated over 230,000 posts on TikTok.

It's certain that these two soundtracks will continue to be heard throughout the month of February.

I am a content creator, of course … 😺

Over the past two weeks in France, an emerging trend has manifested itself in statements such as "I am..." followed by "obviously...". This trend encourages users to state truths about themselves : I'm hypersensitive, I'm the eldest, I'm a hairdresser, I'm a student nurse... Then add a fact they associate with it. For example, a tattooed person might humorously declare, "Of course people always ask me the meaning of my tattoos."

It's a creative way of sharing experiences, anecdotes, all in a light-hearted, humorous atmosphere. Everyone can identify with these statements, creating a sense of connection and mutual understanding.

Although the main intention of this trend is humorous, it can also take on denunciatory or pedagogic aspects. Some users choose to share truths that go beyond the amusing anecdote, tackling more serious subjects. For example, with almost preventive content: "I'm HPI, of course I've never felt at home at school".

This trend has evolved beyond simple funny videos to become a form of social expression, a way of revealing oneself and creating links within the community. Who knows, maybe this trend will cross borders to settle on the other side of the Atlantic ? 

No spend feburary 💵

No spend February is all about not spending during the month of February - fortunately, it's the shortest month of the year. This doesn't include rent, shopping, transport and similar fixed expenses. So we are restricting ourselves in terms of shopping (clothes, home decoration, make-up...), going out  (restaurants, activities, travel...) and some are even stopping their subscriptions like Netflix. 

The aim is to spend less and save as much as possible. For several weeks now, content creators have been sharing their own rules, based on their habits and monthly imperatives. In addition, some are talking about a "no spend year", which might seem a little more complicated to keep. This approach implies many sacrifices, such as avoiding restaurants with friends, and these restrictions, over a long period of time, can also be a huge source of stress.

Nevertheless, the "no spend february" offers an opportunity, not only to reduce spending, but also to rethink our relationship with consumption. It remains to be seen whether this trend, though well-intentioned financially, can withstand the challenges and cravings of everyday life.

Of course, these three trends represent only a tiny fraction of TikTok users' creativity. February is just beginning, and we already know that there will be a multitude of new formats and themes emerging. We can also expect to see a lot of Valentine's Day-related content. 💌


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