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When influencer marketing gets a makeover 💄

Remember, in the 2010s. It was the time of bloggers and the beginning of that of YouTubers. The first to speak on the video platform mainly talked about make-up and were able to imagine a unique format at the time on social networks, the tutorial. Facing the camera, these enthusiasts presented their latest purchases and explained how to make this or that makeup.

Almost 15 years later, the format is still relevant, but has necessarily been revised. On TikTok, the videos are shorter, more dynamic and we no longer take the time to talk. Transitions and music have replaced voiceovers. At the same time, product presentations are more detailed. Communities appreciate knowing the composition of the product they are going to buy or the brand's commitment to a cause that is close to their heart.

This evolution means that today, the beauty sector has a more than present place on the different applications. According to figures shared by Kolsquare, in 2020, more than one million beauty-related posts were recorded on social networks, 90% of them on Instagram. On TikTok, the #makeup hashtag exceeds 460 billion views and the beauty hashtag exceeds 200 billion views, as of this writing. This desire and this pleasure to consume this type of content is also felt in real life. Experts expect the global cosmetics market to reach $863 billion by 2024.

To animate this entire community, specialized content creators have emerged. Everyone has been creating content around the latest product innovations in the sector for years. These influential profiles allow brands to work on a new form of communication, based mainly on influence marketing.

How are influencer marketing campaigns designed in 2023 in the beauty industry? What are the trends to keep in mind? To enlighten you on this subject, we offer you a complete overview of what you need to know today.

Beauty, a trend still and always in influence

To show the weight of the beauty industry in the influencer sector , let's start by showing you some numbers. As we have just told you, the sector is one of the most present themes on social networks. No matter what study you read, beauty is among the top 3 content posts by content creators. If they continue, it is because their community enjoys watching, especially in North America.

Recently, the platform Upfluence conducted a study with more than 1200 influencers based in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France and Brazil, in the beauty sector. What emerges is that Canadians have the highest rate of engagement on this topic. On Instagram, it is 2.3%, compared to 2% in France and the United States, 1.8% in the United Kingdom, or 1.4% in Brazil.

The pattern repeats on TikTok, with an engagement rate of 17% in Canada, 10% in France, 9.1% in the United States, 6.2% in the United Kingdom and 4.1% in Brazil.

These high figures show how much social media users are fond of this content. But why ? Why do they spend so much time watching them? One of the main reasons is that of inspiration to find a new product corresponding to the needs of the moment. Content creators who give their opinion on new products and test them live in front of their community have become real prescribers for a large number of people who follow them. Based on data from Statista, in the United States, 74% of Gen Zers surveyed as part of a 2021 survey said they let influencers guide them when buying products. This is the case for around 66% of millennials.

Brands in the industry have understood the power of these influencers and no longer hesitate to establish their strategy by including them. The best and most recent example is Fenty Beauty. The company relied on designers to show off the diversity of its foundation shades with a push for inclusivity. These statements found an echo among users of social networks, always looking for the perfect shade for their complexion.

Another example, that of NYX. The cosmetics brand relied above all on the creativity of influencers to stage the products. Video is now a real asset for the team. It allows him to show new looks and different uses of his products.

Evolving beauty campaigns

Current influencer marketing campaigns are moving away from the make-up tutorials that we could find in the 2010s. Now brands are relying on the creativity, knowledge of influencers in the field and highlighting company values.

On the first point, tutorials for everyday makeup have given way to makeup artists. They multiply the most creative ideas than each other to entertain their community, and also show that anything is possible.

Beyond makeup artists, other professionals have gained popularity in recent years. More and more health professionals are speaking out on beauty-related topics on social networks. Dermatologists popularize a whole lot of information and explain how to use such a cream or give advice to better understand the condition of your skin. Beauty brands are interested in these profiles because they allow them to have in-depth content about the products they offer.

Finally, beauty influencer marketing campaigns rely on brand engagement to collaborate with influencers and promote their product. A few months ago, Armani Beauty spoke on International Water Day. Accompanied by several influencers, the brand explains its commitment to Unicef to allow the most deprived people to have access to water. No product is highlighted, but Armany is working on its image here to attract new committed consumers.

Will beauty keep its place in influence?

Campaigns evolve over the years to meet consumer expectations, but also what users want to see on the apps.

The challenge for the years to come is to stay one step ahead and invest in the platforms in the best possible way.

Faced with the growing number of influencers and niches born on social networks, beauty has enough to bet on the creativity of each other to conquer the hearts of consumers. And at Clark, we are ready to accompany you!

Clark Influence, an agency of enthusiasts who will be able to accompany you in the great adventure of influence

We will put your brand and your products in the hands of the best ambassadors. We will create impactful concepts with influencers so that your communication makes an impression!

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