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Influence marketing and events, the winning duo to be seen 🗣

In the midst of events, a new profile has appeared. In the aisles or on the stands of partner brands, it is possible to come across content creators. Invited by the organizer or by the companies themselves, they are present for a very specific reason: to highlight the partner brands on social networks.

Vivatech, the biggest event in Europe dedicated to entrepreneurship and new technologies, launched for the first time officially during its 2023 edition, an international influence program. The team has listed content creators from around the world who are likely to be able to work with many of the companies present at the show. This file was then sent to the partners. Result: videographers, camera in hand, filmed all of the stands of certain companies.

The next example where marketing will have a big place is the 2024 Olympic Games which will take place in Paris. Already, a pulse of ambassadors has been appointed to share the communications of the event, especially when the mascots are presented. It's a safe bet that partner companies, such as Coca-Cola, will increase collaborations.

Being present at an event has been a long-standing strategy for businesses. According to research conducted by Stova Internationally, 31% of marketers believe that event marketing is one of the most effective channels. A large majority of senior executives (87%) believe in the power of events in physics and plan to invest more in it in the future because the results are there. 84% of event attendees report having a more positive view of the company, brand, product or service being promoted after the event.

But today, the additional objective is to be as visible in physical as on digital. And the best way to do this is to appeal to influencers.

How to mix an event strategy with an influencer marketing campaign? What do you need to know to make your campaign work? To enlighten you on this subject, we offer you a complete overview of what you need to know today.

Why do an influencer marketing campaign on an event?

Call on influencers on an event is an additional guarantee of visibility for a brand. We note four major advantages to using this type of strategy:

  • Increase notoriety: being present at an event is a marketing campaign for a company. It takes over the premises to publicize its offers and develop its portfolio of prospects. But today, it is possible to multiply this visibility beyond its presence on a stand. Social networks are a communication support that should not be overlooked. This is why more and more of them are inviting creators to participate with them in these meetings, so that they can imagine content for applications.

  • Increase your credibility: most often, companies present at an event are, because they develop the same commitments as the organizers. For example, events highlighting the initiative to preserve the planet attract partners who have developed these values internally. Once again, influencers can support this commitment to their community to make it more visible, and thus relay the brand image online.

  • Multiply your profitability: greater visibility at an event and online is also often synonymous with increased sales. Event partner companies are most often companies offering services or products. Via communication on social networks, teams can design an influence campaign with a sales objective.

  • Reaching a niche audience: as we know, reaching a very specific target, even at an event, is not always the easiest thing to do. With influencer marketing, companies can increase the chances of targeting the right people.

These four arguments can only make companies want to set up an influence campaign to be as visible as possible. According to a study by Launchmetrics, 28.1% of marketers prefer to turn to influencer marketing as part of their event promotion strategy. For 89.8% of professionals, invitations to events is a marketing tactic they use regularly.

What does an influencer marketing campaign look like in the events industry in 2023?

At Clark Influence, we are regularly asked by event organizers and brands to imagine influencer marketing campaigns. We have already been able to collaborate with several of them, including the Jazz Festival, the Francofolies and the F1 Grand Prix.

What have we imagined for these meetings? Here are several examples of what we were able to do:

  • Air France: Air France has been a sponsor of the Montréal en Lumière festival for fifteen years. The objective is to highlight the richness of Montreal gastronomy in a festive and friendly setting. To do this, influencers are invited to share a meal during an Air France Bonne Table. The dishes are imagined by a European or Asian chef, in connection with the destinations served by the airline from Montreal airport. Influencers offer their community the chance to win a pair of tickets to Europe or Asia so they too can discover France, Portugal or Asia; the culture and gastronomy that go with it. You can find the whole campaign here.

  • NBA Abu Dhabi Games 2022: For the first time in Abu Dhabi, the NBA held its games on October 6 and 8, 2022. To ensure that more tickets were sold, an influence campaign was carried out. The creators were invited to participate in the meetings and talk about it to their followers on social networks. You can find the entire campaign here.

Thinking physical and digital, the winning recipe for events

Inviting influencers to an event is a good idea, but today it is possible to go much further. By inviting them in person to a very specific meeting, it is possible for companies to think about an entire influence campaign. It's a good way to get more visibility and get a step ahead of your competitors.

There is no shortage of events in 2023/2024. The Olympic Games are one of next year's unmissable events, where many brands will need to communicate even more than usual to gain visibility. If this is your case, our team is ready to talk about it with you.

Clark Influence, an agency of enthusiasts who will be able to accompany you in the great adventure of influence

We will put your brand and your products in the hands of the best ambassadors. We will create impactful concepts with influencers so that your communication makes an impression!

If you would like us to find you talents capable of embodying your company via a turnkey influence campaign: contact us! We would be happy to send you a service offer:


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