• Nicolas Bon

How did Cabral restore the Porto's image in Quebec with content creators? 🥃

Cabral Porto & Douro, a brand of Port and Douro Valley wines recognized by specialists, has called on Clark Influence to develop a digital content strategy aimed at enhancing the image of the Portuguese drink.

Objectives of the project:

- Awareness: Promote the Cabral brand in Quebec

- Image: Rejuvenate the image of Porto

- Sales : Develop Porto sales as the holidays approach

Ambassador Recruitment Strategy

Clark Influence has selected various profiles to promote the Cabral Portos:- Arielle for the "foodie" side with new food & wine combinations,

- Boire Mixologie: original cocktail recipes to inspire cocktail lovers

- Ludovic, friend and photographer of Quebec celebrities, and finally Cassidy, trendy blogger, to rejuvenate and to give a "cool" image of Port, too little celebrated in Quebec.

Boire, the mixology's expert.

None of the Cabral products is forgotten in the blog article below, each of the products has challenged the mixologist who therefore brings his expert eye on each of the products, by proposing cocktail ideas, describing flavors and aromas... our taste buds are awakened!

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