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Check Out These 7 Top Canadian Cleaning Influencers

Updated: Mar 22

From snow and dirt being dragged in and threatening your floors to those last stubborn flecks of glitter hanging around since Christmas, Canadian winters can take a toll on your home. Good news, Spring is in the air! That means it’s time to put away those bulky clothes and heavy blankets! Let’s break out the cleaning supplies to get your house ready for the sunshine and backyard barbecues! But if spring cleaning scares you, you’re not alone! We know from the cult following of TikTok’s cleaning hashtag #cleantok, that everyone is always looking for tips and tricks to tackle the dreaded spring clean! Clark wants to make it even easier on you. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the top 7 Canadian cleaning influencers that you should be taking tips from!

1. Gabrielle Vigneault - Cleaningwithgabie

What could be better than watching a satisfying cleaning video? Witnessing an immersive multisensory ASMR experience with the crisp clarity of clean audio and shiny visuals! Gabrielle is a Montreal creator who shares her cleaning hacks through demonstrational videos. She always remembers to clean the spaces we commonly skip over. Her deep cleans demonstrate the right way to use products and always keep us wanting more!

2. Chelsea Dylan - thegratefulheartcollective

Chelsea’s page is dedicated to moms who are looking for quick and easy ways to keep their homes clean and organized. Her fun content provides all the mom hacks you need to know when you have busy kids running around your home! This Toronto creator has solutions for the trickiest spots in your home, from ceiling fans to around the toilet, you can bet she’s been there and cleaned that. She doesn’t just provide cleaning tips, but also a wide range of tips from how to store food to activities that keep kids busy. Her humorous content shows us that cleaning doesn’t have to be complicated: it can even be fun!

3. Sarah McAllister - gocleanco

Sarah founded GoCleanCo in Calgary, Alberta. This business offers cleaning services and educational resources to help lighten the load and toll that cleaning can take on us all. Sarah’s focus is on reading and understanding labels so you can truly know what’s in the products you use in your home and how to use them. Throughout her years on Instagram and Tiktok, she has gained quite the following which she affectionately calls the #cleaningarmy. Sarah is a great resource to find real reviews on cleaning equipment before making that big purchase. She is also known for offering DIY options for products you can make at home to get that tough stain out! Make sure to go check out her 2023 Spring Cleaning Challenge!

4. Melissa Maker - cleanmyspace

Melissa considers cleaning to be a life skill that everyone should have! She highlights the educational aspect in order to teach children and young adults that we ALL need to be well-versed in the subject. In 2006, Melissa started her own cleaning business, Clean My Space, in Toronto, ON, and as an expert in the field, she knows what works! With spring cleaning, comes refreshing your linens and that means laundry! Melissa will show you how to get those heavy winter blankets ready for storage while preparing to put out your lighter spring items. Her fun series, Laundry U on Tiktok will give you all the tips and tricks to make sure your items are being washed correctly. Melissa provides resources through every format: Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, she even has a blog. This allows you to learn from her on your favourite social platform.

You should never be ashamed of your junk drawer… That being said, spring cleaning is a great time to tackle that dreaded mess. Eileen’s content highlights aesthetics by showing the best way to organize your space with long-term solutions! From closets, to drawers and niche items, she has a product to help. Eileen is always ready with great resources that show how to make the most of those awkward spaces in your home. If you don’t know where to start, Eileen is based out of St. Albert, Alberta and offers free consulting to help kick-start the process!

6. Shauna Dean - homebyshauna

Sure, dusting off blinds and cleaning your baseboards should be on your spring-cleaning list, but so should organizing your household. Shauna shares the easiest way to keep your house organized so you can make sure that when you clean, it stays clean! Her minimalistic household, situated in Toronto is a great way to see how having less can be positive! Shauna shows us how to use everyday organizing items, from common stores like Ikea to elevate our homes in a practical and affordable way!

Finding the motivation to get spring cleaning done can be hard and your mental health often reflects your living space. Brogan, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, is here to show you that you aren’t alone. Brogan started her cleaning journey when she noticed depression was causing a lack of motivation to clean her spaces, she knew she wasn’t alone and wanted to share that with a larger community. She brings awareness to the idea that no room is ever too dirty to clean. This is a great channel to see how transformational a big clean can be for your space and your mind. Brogan is an inspiration and puts her cleaning abilities to great use by offering free cleanings to those whose mental health has impacted their house.

One of the many things these influencers have in common is the wide range of products they use to accomplish these deep cleans! Spring is a great time to introduce new products and getting help from influencers is a great way to demonstrate the benefits to your audience! Clark will find the perfect influencers to showcase your products to the ideal demographic across multiple social media platforms.

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