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Influencer marketing makes social networks hungry 🤤

A well-cut mozzarella. Melted chocolate. Admit it, you have already drooled over these photos and videos over and over on social media. You are far from alone! To notice this, all you have to do is look at posts on various platforms, such as Instagram or TikTok.

Food, an attractive sector on social networks

Let's start with the first application where there are hashtags like #food or #foodporn, two areas where photos of dishes and recommendations from content creators and their community are added every day. The result: 485 million and 285 million posts are listed there at the time of this writing. In French, categories like #recette or #recettefacile are also taken by storm: 2.4 million and 1 million posts are recorded there.

On TikTok, new profiles and trends have appeared in the food sector. Grandmothers' recipes have users delighted. They distill their advice in less than a minute, even 30 seconds, to make a whole variety of delicious dishes, such as tiramisu, crispy chicken or even bread. These videos can accumulate several million views.

The cooking habits of canadiens online

If these new creators enjoy sharing content around their passion, they are not the only ones. For several years, users have become accustomed to publishing their recipes and/or their dishes for their community on social networks. The desire to post your food cravings and favorites online has been intensified even more with the covid crisis. Locked up at home, users have taken up a good habit: cooking.

In Canada, in 2021, according to a study published by the Deloitte firm, 63% of people questioned prepared dinner at home between 4 and 6 times a week. To have so many meal ideas, households draw inspiration from a variety of sources. 48% of consumers said they receive food suggestions from family, while 47% search online and 38% get ideas from friends. Among the inspirations found on the Internet, our little finger tells us that influencers are the main sources.

In Quebec, 48% of users on social networks consult recipes: 28% are particularly interested in product promotions, and 14% choose food influencers to inform themselves (Cefrio study). Thus, 30% of influencers' followers are ready to buy what influencers promote in Canada (source Advertising Standards Canada).

Influencers to follow in the food industry

Over the past two years, many profiles have emerged quickly on social networks. In Canada, one of the most striking examples happens to be the Quebecer, Laurent Dagenais. This content creator shares quick and easy recipes accessible to everyone on TikTok. In the space of nine months, he reached one million subscribers. Several of his videos record ten million views.

There are also profiles specialized in particular culinary fields. For example, Caroline Huard, alias Loounie, has moved towards veganism, a conviction that she embraces proudly. Her recipe suggestions, as well as her speeches, always highlight plant-based cuisine.

Instagram and TikTok are not the only platforms where you can be inspired by recipes; YouTube presents a large community of creators in the food industry. Between two vlogs, Eva Martel shares her days on her plate. You can watch her cook her meals and advise her audience on how to use countless kitchen products.

How can the food industry communicates on social media?

As you have understood, many profiles, specialized in several fields, have managed to build a great community around their passion for cooking. So why not rely on their notoriety to carry out your next campaign? Here are some examples of projects realized by the Clark Influence team that can inspire you.

Imagine creative receipes

To give your product good visibility, we can think about collaborating with experts in the food industry. With one of your special ingredients, it is possible to let their expertise speak for itself to create a delicious recipe of which they only have the secret. We know which profiles to count on for the best results.

Best Clark Case: How to support Liberté in promoting its products through an influencer marketing strategy? Every activation, content creators imagine delicious compositions around Liberté products, combining textures, flavors and a touch of unexpected. These posts are broadcasted on social media and help increase brand awareness and engagement with the audience. Liberté invites different influencers in its campaigns depending on the product promoted in order to diversify the content and broaden its target.

Highlight brand values

It is not because you specialize in food that you must communicate one of your products at all costs. For example, we can suggest that you take a small step aside to highlight one of your values or one of your commitments.

Best Clark Case: Mentos has decided to help a community that has suffered during the pandemic: the refurbishment of the Belleville skatepark in Ontario. The company wanted to transform this run-down place into a cool and welcoming place.

Shift to a new social network

What if you launched an assault on TikTok? Do not panic. Well-thought-out communication on the platform can give you great results. Our expertise allows us to know the latest trends on various platforms and thus offer a project that sticks with what users want to see.

Best Clark Case: "Recipes from here", the Quebec media that offers recipe ideas to spice up the meals of the week with a pinch of laughter and creativity, partnered with Clark Influence for its first 100% TikTok campaign. A box including Quebec cheeses, leeks, sweet potatoes, onions, cranberries and a protein (chicken or tofu) had been designed with the Lg2 and Touché agencies.

Design a unique event

To stand out, you have to imagine a communication that stands out. A project that excites both activated content creators, and their community. How to catch the eye of as many people as possible? We are used to designing in-person events that have an online impact thanks to the ambassadors invited and the proposed program.

Best Case Clark: To celebrate its 3rd year of existence, IGA invited well known profiles to its green roof for a unique experience: a visit to the vegetable garden with Tim Murphy from the green line, a dinner with ingredients freshly picked from the roof, and all this in a musical atmosphere curated by DJ Abeille Gélinas.

Clark Influence, an agency of enthusiasts who will be able to accompany you in the great adventure of influence

We will put your products in the hands of the most relevant ambassadors in Canada. We will create impactful concepts with influencers so that your product makes an impression!

If you want us to find you talents capable of embodying your brand via a turnkey influence campaign: contact us! We would be delighted to send you a service offer:


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